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MacSerialJunkie Shut down?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by 8thDegreeSavage, Sep 30, 2002.

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    They dont seem to be hosting...and they advised that all forums have been locked and shut down?

    Anyone know about this at all?:(
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    Yeah, they seem to have been killed.

    Illegal disk-checking-utilitiers.
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    Oh no!!!!!
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    they are comming back

    A week or so ago they posted a splash screen that said they were upgrading and opimizing and they would "try to be back by Sept 27th"

    afew days later... I got no respoce from the site at all... my guess is... dont worrie about it... they will be back. The Mac Club mirror site will keep you 'junkies' suppied untill they come back.

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    Or you could just buy your apps, and get a real serial number.... :p :) ;)
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    Gee, who would have thought a warez site would get shut down!? Unheard of! :rolleyes: :p
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    MSJ is not a warez site. It is a serials site. There is a difference.

    And i don't think it got "shut down" per se, it simply stopped hosting due to errors. Supposedly they were having problems with the site a week before the big crash, so maybe they'll be back.

    Or maybe not.
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    Hopefully they are back soon.....its a great site.
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    In case all you ignorant people never took the time to think before you spoke, MSJ did NOTHING ILLEGAL. Every file was linked from other sites.

    They had no warez, no serial numbers, nothing hosted on their sites. Why do you think that have been up for years with a name like macserialjunkie?

    [edit] this is for those who posted negatively [/edit]
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    Has anyone heard any news on when they will be back up and running?....or maybe an alternative..i know evil mentioned one...but i am not familiar with it.
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    I may be able to help....

    curb your monthly addiction... PM me and if you know what I'm talking about then I might just be able to help you.

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    RE: Macserialjunkie

    Came on board to macrumors, hoping to hear something about www.macserialjunkie.com, but it seems as though their disappearance has many people wondering what's up. I tried "Serial Board" for about a week, and now that's 404'd as well. Hopefully, there is another option out there, or someone resurrects macserialjunkie.
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    MacSerialJunkie was good, but as long there are updated versions of SerialBox out there, everything will be OK.;) :D

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