MacWhispers: "Document" - Apple's Word Killer

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by arn, Jan 27, 2003.

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    MacWhispers gives a name to a rumor that's been going around that Apple will compete head to head against Microsoft Word.

    Besides the application's name "Document", the only other info seems to be that it will support a wide variety of input/output formats.

    Reliability is in question...

    Note, Apple doesn't (and probably can't) send out C&D's for rumors alone... photos etc... are another matter. is probably the first site which started talking about rumors about an Apple Office Suite.

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    Actually, the link is :)

    I'm concerned about the price of "Document". We know that Appleworks isn't as feature-filled as Microsoft Office, but, for $80 or so, it's a deal. If all these features are going to be incorporated, my guess is the price will have to be lifted to $150 to $200.

    I already like the Drawing part of Appleworks to a high degree (could use a few vector adjustments), and I'd like to see that in "Document" as well as the listed features.
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    i think i like this new site alot. it does away with the RDF and they overall hypefest that alot of rumor sites have. they plainly state the rumor, then add some commentary. a clean design and plain language add alot as well. overall i just like it.
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    I like this new rumor site as well, and while I don't know how much truth may be in this rumor I do think that the name "Document" is a good name for a new word processor and fits the current title erm structure apple is using, just my opinion though.
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    This would make sense, they could sell it in a sort of iLife Pro bundle along with Keynote and possibly any other Office type apps they release.
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    "...title erm structure apple is using, just my opinion though." What exactly is the meaning of the term "erm"?
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    Actually, it'd be really suave, debonair, and switch-inspiring if Apple kept all of their competitive Apps at the price Keynote is, comparing greatly to the price of Office, even for Windows.:D
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    I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

    At this point, I'll be happy if Apple simply keeps turning things out each month... no matter what it is... iToothbrush, iHat, iHarmonica, etc... etc. As long as they manage to keep innovating during this depressed economy. Oh, yeah, how about a faster processor, huh?
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    It makes sense that Apple would not be afraid to compete with M$, seeing as many Mac users tend to dislike "The Software Giant!" and would love an excuse to spend their money elsewhere. Like myself.
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    Have you noticed that any 2003 Mac is shipping with MS Office Test Version? I think that price will give a little credibility for the Apple's Office
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    hey people who think this is fake,


    No Appleworks 7 at MWSF 2003, Keynote coming out, Office test drive not coming with computers (mine anyway). This points toward a new apple productivity suite. You think they made keynote so they could compete with microsoft only in presentation products? I smell more, even a spreadsheet program.

    Cheese forever
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    I'm not sure about the reliability of this rumor; Document does sound like an uninspired name. However, I do think it reasonable to speculate on the possibility of an Office Suite from Apple. Keynote appears to compete well with Power Point, at least in terms of features, compatibility, execution and price (is that everything?). Also, Apple needs to become less reliant on Microsoft products. After all, business relationships can be fickle things. Safari is a good example of forging ahead on its own.javascript:smilie(':)')

    If Apple does go the Office Suite way, I suspect that they will base their new apps on Open Source products like Open Office. (a la Safari avec Konqueror.) There's no reason why a high quality office suite that incorporates polished import and export of MS Office documents at a much lower price couldn't work. Consumers are looking for capability and value! In any event, much better for Apple to have one that not.

    Finally, producing an inexpensive, but capable office suite is another way of adding value to their product. This can certainly make up for slower new product roll-outs on the processor side of things, and help woo more Windows users to a more value filled alternative. Open Source / Unix people would probably like it too.:)

    Just some thoughts...
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    Re: "document"

    The Powerbooks are coming with MS Office and no Apple Works (only the iBooks), according to Apple's website.
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    Re: Re: "document"

    What the PowerBook (and PowerMac) comes with is "Microsoft Office v.X Test Drive" - this is a 30 day demo. You still have to procure the wordprocessor/spreadsheet/... of your choice.
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    Re: Re: Re: "document"

    I know, I know...
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    Whoops. I thought that it said that my ibook should have come with test drive......
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    It doesn't matter f it does or doesn't come with it. MS OFfice Test Drive is downloadable.

    However, one of the first things I did when I got a machine with Test Drive on it was to deposit Test Drive (and some other stuff) in the Trash.
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    I don't know too much about the rumor but it is becoming plainly obvious that ever since Billy chipped in that hundred or so million Apple has been replacing all of the M$ apps for Mac with it's own (better of course) apps.

    I won't go through the list you all know them and one of the latest being the greatist. I'll bet your using it right now.

    So why? Whats it really (I mean really) all about?
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    Yeah. But my point was, if macs no longer came with it, it would seem apple is no longer trying to push it as the productivity solution for OS X, leading my mind to think that Document is coming. Now, I said all this because I thought my iBook was supposed to come with Test Drive, to push it. But, I found out that only Powerbooks come with Test Drive, not iBooks. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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    Re: MacWhispers: "Document" - Apple's Word Killer

    Since I just plunked down a couple grand for a 17" iMac I'm all for this. I just hope they finish it before they release it.

    I'm reading a lot of bad things about Keynote and only 12 presentations, come on. Take your time do it right.
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    Re: Re: MacWhispers: "Document" - Apple's Word Killer

    Could you pass the address? I would like to read them.
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    Re: Re: Re: MacWhispers: "Document" - Apple's Word Killer

    Start at discussion board for Keynote.

    Then do a google search. Too many. It looks good, but it doesn't sound finished. I have ordered it, but I'm expecting it to be problematic. Should I be lucky enough to not have problems, 12 templates and not crop tool. We'll see.

    Don't get offended by me, I'm a harsh critic of anything I pay for. That includes Microsoft and Windows. That's why I'm adding a Mac to my personal collection.
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    The Question

    With regards to this rumour about Apple Office suites, I have to agree with the writers who have held up the example of "why no AppleWorks 7". This should be seen as more amunition for the rumour. Of course, rather than asking why would they, one might want to ask this question: Why wouldn't they? It seems like a natural.
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    Keep in mind that Keynote was developed as a customized tool for Steve to do presentations with. It was originally (from what I was told) used on NeXT machines for his first few MacWorlds. Later ported to the early OS X server and later to OS X and aquafied.
    Either way, it was developed as an inhouse tool- albeit and expensive in house tool.
    As to Document, i would LOVE to see Apple take the concept of a Document processor and creat an app that allows us to work and look at things in a totally new way. That would be better than even a port of an Open Source office suite. The downside is that, yet again, Apple could come out with another product ahead of its time, or drop the ball on marketing and positioning and later MS will steal it all in Office 2005 (They no longer are calling it Office 11, its now Office 2003).

    -Just my buck & a quarter.
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    I definitely agree with this statement. I won't buy MS Office because of the company getting my money, and the pricepoint.

    Apple knows that there is a butt-load of money to be made here, and they know a closed format just won't cut it. Just like Keynote is, using the open format allows for LOTS of customized development beyond any that apple or microsoft could ever do, in terms of usage in enterprise environments. I can't wait for the day that microsoft needs the option to output to an Apple format just to stay a useful program.

    Also offering this on the PC market will sell like hotcakes. Unline previous AppleWorks for Windows versions.

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