MacWhispers: iMac to include Front Ports?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by arn, Jan 27, 2003.

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    good post arn, iam not sure about a door wether sliding or whatever. Remember the imacs had a door then got rid of it because it was in the way. i would think it would be better to just have it all on the side open and easy to get to. I am sure though apple wont dissapoint. 133 ddr ram interesting. figured 133 bus like the older powermacs but if they are going ddr route then surely something else is up their sleeve and sorry ---didnt meant to call you shirley! One more thing if the ports are on the front then probably the door can stay closed because of wireless keyboards & mouse! anyone say bluetooth?
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    I wouldnt mind it if it was hidden underneath the apple logo, it could slide out like the keyhole to a cars bumper. of course they could just have a plastic thing to hide long as it is hidden that would be great.
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    for what I use those ports for... dig camera and such... keyboard usb port works fine.

    if they had usb 2.0 and/or FireWire 800; then that would be cool.
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    Ah, front based ports. I lobbied for this months ago! :)
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    What if there were ports on the front, but they were covered by
    a door? I think apple could manage to make that look nice...
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    they should have a smaller door to cover them , but having the keyboard plugged into the front would be weird for me, I'l like them at the side like the G3 imacs, that would be nice and easy to reach for stuff
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    yeah, the side would be good. On the side with a small, attractive cover. ;)
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    The problem with a side cover is that since some of the ports will always be in use, the cover is never going to be closed.

    Or are you suggesting only some of the ports get covered? And then how do you decide which ones?

    A cover does not make sense.
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    The the tower should have usb2 ports in the front. How come it only has 2 usb ports?!
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    I think there is an assumption that pros will use a USB hub anyway.
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    Why do we need USB ports on the front when we have two on the keyboard (well one free one), Apple Could add two more on the keyboard.

    There wouldn't be a flap, because Apple removed this on the newer G3 iMac's. The iMac is Round, is it so hard to reach behind it. USB ports on the front would look horrible, imagine a USB Memory stick pocking up where the Apple Logo is.

    What Apple Should do is Place two headphone ports on the front, right next to the CD drive.
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    How about a swivel base on the iMac. This would allow you in my conception to rotate just the bottom of the iMac around (the part that contains the mother board etc.) and reposition the ports to the front if wanted. This would leave the upper portion of the base alone leaving the precious Apple logo wear it belongs untouched in the front.
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    Well, if you use an Apple LCD Display on a PowerMac, you get an additional 2 USB ports on the back of the display. These ports are on a seperate USB bus from the ones on the back of the machine.

    And at Apples new prices for LCDs, there's no reason not to buy an Apple display.
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    Original poster you quoted meant USB 2.0

    Apple has decided to ignore USB 2.0 and jump onto FW800. There is not much point for them to support a "new" protocol that is the approx speed of the original FireWire.
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    The original poster also asked why it only had 2 USB ports.
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    Which you answered nicely. Which is why I did not comment on that.

    Sorry if I offended you, my bad.


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