Macworld 2008?

Discussion in 'Event Archives' started by papadopolis1024, May 8, 2007.

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    I have several questions about Macworld 2008.

    1) Where is it? I think it will be in SF again but not sure.
    2) Where can you get tickets? Is it open it anyone?
    3) What are the dates? I know its in January prob. like the 13th right?

    4) Thank you for your help.
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    San Francisico is an almost definite id say.
    in January.
    i think anyone can get in, for a price, but i could be wrong.
    no other details really known.
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    Great thanks for that info o and dose anyone know how much it runs for the cheapest tickets (I have NO idea but judgeing buy the WWDC ticket prices its alot.)
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    Price list from 2007. For the floor (the cheapest part), free passes will be around from various sources.

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