Macworld Expo 2008 Keynote Live Coverage: Web, SMS, iPhone

Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by arn, Jan 10, 2008.

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    With Macworld San Francisco Expo less than a week away, MacRumors is gearing up to travel to San Francisco to cover the event with our traditional MacRumorsLive keynote coverage as well as expanded floor coverage at

    The Keynote will take place at 9am Pacific on Tuesday, January 15th, 2008. We will be providing live coverage with the following methods:

    Web will provide near real-time text and photo updates. This year, we've added the option to open images in a separate window, which will give you luxurious 640x480 sized images.

    iPhone and iPod Touch


    iPhone and Touch owners should also point their browsers to for a specially formatted version of our coverage. Text and photo updates will be pushed to your device.

    SMS (Twitter) Updates

    For those without web access during the event, we offer live SMS messaging to your mobile phone. There will be 5-15 text updates during the keynote. Standard text messaging charges apply. (SMS Signup Instructions)

    Spoiler Free

    And a reminder for those who want to watch the keynote video without any prior knowledge of the events, we offer a Spoiler Free page which will notify you when the keynote video is available. Anyone seriously interested in this option should not sign up for the SMS list above, as they will broadcast announcements as they come in.
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    Looks good, we are almost there!
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    Very excited about it!
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    Please do live video stream!

    Please!!!! Can you try using It worked well at CES - and you could scoop everyone by having a live worldwide broadcast of the Apple Keynote!
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    I forget which event it was last year (MWSF, WWDC, I think a townhall meeting thing) where this kid had a live video stream where it was just him in his room reading various news sites and talking about it. He kinda looked like Jack Osbourne. I wonder if he'll do this. If anyone knows who I'm talking about, can you give me a link to his web site or something? It was really fun to watch.
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    The site that you supplied for the touch and iPhone is not showing up in a specially formatted way right now, or will this change not happen until the keynote?
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    it'll change closer to keynote.

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    Martin C

    Awesome that MacRumorsLive will work on my iPhone. Thanks arn!
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    5 more days!!!!!!!! I can't take this anymore!!! :(
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    there goes another non-productive day at work! :D
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    I believe Apple generally prohibits live video streams of their keynotes.
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    I can't imagine anything transcending last years keynote about the iPhone. Damn the iPhone is still a marvel. If anyone can go beyond last year's magic it's Apple.

    Welcome to Macworld 2008!
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    The SMS updates are perfect for keeping up with the keynote while I'm in school that day! I guess I'm not going to be paying attention on the 15th.
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    Please test everything thoroughly so the site doesn't grind to a halt. :)
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    Thanks Arn!

    Amen to the "less than productive" Tuesday that is coming up...
  16. Can
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    I just wanted to say thanks to MacRumors for covering Macworld so extensively :) There must be tons of people quietly appreciating this.
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    I like the new MWSF tab up on the right.

    I'll more then likely have to dig up someone's audio feed just like last year. Imagine me and my coworkers huddling around my computer. :rolleyes:
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    I watched that kid too. It was on some .tv website.

    He was a real funny kid.
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    They can go beyond by Apple announcing that the iPhone will be fully unlocked and fully supported.
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    glad i'm done with class before the keynote starts
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    I'll have to sit in the back of the lecture theatre, where I won't be noticed with my macbook... (Calculus II isn't that interesting anyway.. we're still doing review haha)
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    Ahhhhh yeah!

    Sheer 480x640 luxury... How did we get so lucky?

    Thanks for keeping us updated with luscious images, pithy prose and other keynotey goodness. Sweet! :apple:
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    MacRumors, as always thanks for your coverage! Can't wait!!! :D
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    arn and the rest of the crew : have fun guys!! San Francisco is a wonderful town.

    Judging by all the changes to this years MR set-up it will be fun fun fun!!
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    will the page specially formatted for iphone/itouch work with IE explorer on a smartphone?

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