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MacWorld Expo Photos of the iPod Mini

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 8, 2004.

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    Link: MacWorld Expo Photos of the iPod Mini

    Macitynet.it has posted an iPod Mini photo gallery from MacWorld Expo. The photos help illustrate thesmall size of the new iPod Minis.

    In an MSNBC article Steve Jobs suggests that he thinks "one of the biggest customers for the mini is going to be current owners buying a second iPod. They're going to have both -- when I go on a trip I take my whole library with my iPod and when I go to the gym I take the mini."
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    I consider myself a mac guy all the way and I don't have any size iPod. Donations accepted.
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    "one of the biggest customers for the mini is going to be current owners buying a second iPod. They're going to have both -- when I go on a trip I take my whole library with my iPod and when I go to the gym I take the mini."

    No, i don't think so. The size difference is just not that significant.
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    Would be nice, but I don't have the cash. Tell ya what, Stevie-boy, lower it to $199 and I'll think about it. ;)
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    Definitely smaller than I expected...

    Just like with my first experience with the original iPod, I imagined this thing to be much bigger than it really is, and seeing it compared next to my Sony Ericsson phone really drives that home... smaller in every dimension other than width.

    Say what you will about pricing... i'll agree its not the best value, but the new iPod Mini looks very nice and is TINY.
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    That is exactly how I planned to use my ipods when I ordered them
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    I think there is value for a smaller iPod.... some people want ultra portability. This is very small... more "pocketable" than even the 3rd gen iPods.

    4GB is still a lot of music.

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    I beg to differ - the difference has me ordering a mini as soon as they reach these frozen wastes - and I already have a 10 gig regular.

    Compared to my other pocket electronics, the regular ipod is the biggest. My Motorola (yes, those same guys) V66 is way smaller than the ipod, and I want a mini to be the same.

    This aint about logic - perhaps it should be....... :eek:
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    I concur.
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    When I showed my middle school students the iPod mini, " cool " was the response. When I talked about price and size and capacity they all said they wanted the mini. Some even said they'd ask their parents for one. Did Apple miss the Xmas, excuse me, holiday season on this one?
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    Just looked at the pictures - yes, I know I should have done that before posting.


    Its so beautiful next to the phone!
    Got to have one.
    Well, I dont drink or smoke, or do drugs, and I figure this is a fairly harmless addiction......and only $320 CAD!
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    They should have introduced the mini iPods last year. It would have been the perfect christmas gift.

    However, I do not think, that 2nd gen ipod users will buy a mini one. It is just way to expensive.
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    These look much cooler than in the Apple galleries! My 10GB (2G) will have a new baby soon. I will get one after the price drop, or perhaps the 2G mini. This is good stuff.
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    I guess you do tend to pay for smaller consumer electronics.

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    Nor is the price difference. Steve's on crack, or something. 2GB at $149 he might be right. But not at current cap/price.
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    Yep! Just look at all the Sony's portable offerings (laptops included)
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    Amen. I'll get a 60GB, oops not out yet, before I get a $250 4GB iPod mini
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    In the next 3 months, 25% of the world population (approximately) will have birthdays, weddings, retirements, and who knows what else. In the U.S., I would consider $250 for a gift to be excessive, but, then again, I'm not the father of a teenage girl (or boy for that matter).
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    Apple's strategy.

    Dont' you think Apple knows that this will be a massive holiday seller? They didn't want to take any thunder from the current iPod, so they held on to this until Macworld. By doing this, they can charge more, then drop prices or release another one in time for summer. By the time the next holidays roll around, they can have the price closer to $170-ish... as well as a lot of word of mouth about how great the iPod minis are. If they were relased in say, early November, there wouldn't be time for a price drop, and people wouldn't have had time for their friends and family to beg for them.
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    I'm just not getting the appeal of these mini iPods either. I was looking forward to them, hoping to maybe get one for someone for their birthday - expecting them to be like $150 and use older small harddrives with less capacity.

    I think Steve Jobs' argument for the audience is weak at best. I mean, do people really care THAT much about size? You'd have to be a very foolish consumer to choose a mini iPod over a regular iPod.

    The only difference is a meager .5" height .4" width and .12" depth and the aesthetic appearance.

    For $50 more you get 11GB more space!!! And the only drawback is you have to carry around an ipod that is a tiny bit bigger and a whopping 2 oz. heavier. Oh, and it looks better!!! Darn.

    Where is the appeal?

    Aside from all that, I personally thing the new minis are ugly. The metallic colors are unnattractive and the silver is OK but not nearly as sharp as the white. They look like the kind of junk other companies make.

    I think unless the price drops significantly, this product will be the G4 Cube of the digital music sector.

    Sorry Apple, I love ya - but sometimes ya just don't make no sense.
  21. arn
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    Actually, I would argue that at these sizes .5" inch differences are more significant then at larger sizes.

    Just think about all the cell phones out there... and even one that's only slightly bigger makes a big diff in your pocket.

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    sigh... just when I was getting set in my ways of swearing off the mini as a failure, these pictures make me fall in love with the stupid thing.:p
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    How did they miss the holiday season? There's another one 11 months from now.
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    I also think the new minis r ugly and funny looking I would like them to make the 40 the same size as the 20 and 15 that would be nice. But I have a question I would like to ask. What is the advantage of having an Xserve over individual macs I dont really understand the whole use of servers? can someone please explain this please.
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    I have used older ipods, and I would bet that that new aluminum finish is stronger, resists scratching better, and gives the player a less fragile feel. Plus IMO it looks alot better

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