Macworld Keynote Quicktime Stream Now Available

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 9, 2007.

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    Not working right now. I had it, then I paused it to answer a call, and it never started again. Now there's an unavailable message...

    This is why Apple doesn't do live streams anymore ;-)


    EDIT: Follow instructions here to watch, it works for me right now, even though that message is up...
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    Heh... "Due to exceptional demand, your request could not be completed..."
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    Yup. Already brought to its knees by massive traffic.
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    "Due to exceptional demand, your request cannot be completed at this time." :rolleyes:

    Of course that's to be expected. Any mirrors around?
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    yeah...I'll just wait till tomorrow to try watching it.
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    A couple of comments.

    I got an entirely different impression of the flow and the product priorities from the video than I did from the normally reliable MacRumors updates.

    It seems Apple is making a HUGE mistake by NOT offering a live stream of the event.


    The stream has access and download speed issue. MR user "Peace" assured me Apple, Inc. has increased server capacity as of yesterday by activating the former Worldcom telecom center as an Apple server farm.

    It seems the same fate that Apple Computer, Inc. experienced at Christmas when folks wanted to download iTunes for their shiny new iPods, has befallen now Apple, Inc. customers, and users, and developers, and dealers, on this historic day in merely trying to download a stream of the Macworld expo.

    Undercapacity and over use!

    How dare we!

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    yeah, that seems to make it work fine, thanks for the link...

    oo the video looks like its decent quality this year!
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    Anyone have any ideas why I am able to see the video from the keynote stream but am getting no audio? Please help!
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    Heh... The exact same thing happened to me.

    Funny - the MR forums are also giving me the "Server too busy" message :). Thanks for the tip, though. Vid is playing great now.
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    the act you've know for all these years?

    Steve chose to play the Beatles during the iPod demo of the iPhone...
    Um... I was expecting a legendary iTunes deal to follow.
    I think that's the next big thing.
    Just have to get Paul and Yoko to agree.

    What else?
    I'm hoping for a yellow iPod loaded with the first 10 seasons of the Simpsons.
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    Steve looks good. I bet no one will question his health this time around.
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    If they don't have the bandwidth, why can't they just post a torrent?
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    They should just post this on the iTunes Store. Even if it cost $1.99, a LOT of people would buy it, just for the quality and no choppy streaming. If it was free, even more.
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    It's a sure thing now that there's a deal. No way would Steve play the Beatles otherwise. He just didn't want anything (Leopard, Beatles, 8-core Mac Pro, etc) to distract from Apple TV and especially the iPhone. And the iPhone will be the most talked-about thing for the next couple of days. But you can bet that the Beatles deal will be only one of many aftershocks coming in the next few days and weeks. It's a good time to be an Apple fan.
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    Heh, people paying to watch a company's CEO introduce products...

    Who says this isn't a cult?
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    Yah I think I'll try it this weekend. Normally I wouldn't ask this but if someone figure out how to download it can you bittorrent the sucker, please? Then again the stream is prob copyrighted. :rolleyes:

    For things like this Apple really should create a torrent. Put 3-4 servers up hosting the seed on some high cap pipes, and then let the Mac community take care of the rest.
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    Yeah! I love these, can't wait to watch thanks for the link.......
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    Good god that Cingular CEO was boring.
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    I'm trying to load it now, but if I can't i was wondering if it would be legal for someone to save it and put it up for people to download?
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    Loaded instantly here. Very smooth, no lag at all. Very surprised!
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    it was playing for about 15 minutes and then It stopped... tried to re-load and it said server not found...:rolleyes:
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    Someone do a little digging and figure out the link for the full file so I can download and watch it. :p :D

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