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MacWorld Software Updates

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. arn
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    The previously promised MPEG-2 playback is a $19.99 add-on to Quicktime 6.

    iDVD 2.1 was released with AppleScript support and general enhancements.

    iTunes 3.0 - smart playlists, music ratings and Audible.com support.

    Jaguar (10.2) is available for pre-order from Apple.


    Maya Complete 4.5 - Now Maya for Mac OS X uses the same file format and provides a comparable feature set to Maya on other platforms. Maya for Mac OS X users can exchange files with other Maya 4.5 running on other platforms.

    Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac OS X - allows you to connect to a Windows-based computer and work with programs and files on that computer from your Macintosh computer.

    EverQuest OS X - EverQuest will be released for Apple Macintosh's running Max OS X in Spring of 2003.

    Folding @ Home 3.0 - Mac OS X Version.
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    uh oh, people aren't going to like this one. apple must really need the money. Oh well, guess i'll use my DVD player.
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    i don't get it...mpeg2 playback?

    Aren't movie files mpeg2? What am I missing?

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    I don't get it either, unless its for the PC crowd mainly, or for Divx. Although, I find divx nearly useless, and it seems to really only be useed for pirates stuff, so be glad it even gets support
  5. arn
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    Most Movie MPEG's on the net are MPEG-1

    MPEG-2 is used in DVD's and SVCD's. Useful for people who do their own authoring, rip dvd's, trade SVCDs etc....

    not useful for the general population.

    The reason Apple probably charges for it is:

    1) Most people don't want/need it
    2) I think it costs them $$ to distrbute it (under MPEG-2 licensing)

    Now... iTunes costs them $$ to distrubte as well (MPEG licensing) - but they suck it up, and offer it free for everyone.

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    Don't mind my stupidity but what exactly will MPEG 2 do for me? I know it's the same compression for DVD and it allows you to watch DVDs but isn't that what DVD player is for?
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    In a kinda related note...

    I noticed that MOTU has posted a screenshot of Digital Performer for OSX on their website... I also noticed video clips from Mac World on it as well... Was their any mention of DP's release date at the show?
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    I'm a fairly limited demographic, but MPEG-2 support will allow me to pull shows off my ReplayTV and watch them on my Powerbook.

    And EverQuest... man, I guess they heard me. Now I'm going to have to restrain myself from EQing from work on the PB. :cool:
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    when is ipod software going to be updated? WHEN?
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    supposedly when jaguar comes out.... supposedly
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    When I clicked on the Jaguar 10.2 link and read through I noticed some stuff that will make some people happy. I see now that Apple advertises that only 16MB of video RAM is needed to run Quartz Extreme, good news for people that just got new iBooks. Of course I don't even have the right video cards so I won't ever see it, but hey they do say that there is some speed improvement even without Quartz Extreme on all systems including G3's so I suppose I will upgrade to 10.2 here in awhile. Nice to hear about the other software updates as well.
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    Remote Desktop Client is the real news here. Now the IT people won't have to leave their Mac at all. This is going to be the most useful Microsoft Software on my iBook barnone.
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    Well, if you have a connection to Internet2, you can subscribe to a mpeg-2 encoded feed for things like NASA-TV via multicast. There is software called MacTV that allows you to find the multicast streams, and uses qt to display them. The MPEG 1 stream is 2 mbps, that is pretty huge, I can get 1600x1200 that looks like tv streamed to my desktop.

    So mpeg-2 is cool.
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    Remote Desktop is Big

    I'm a developer and having Remote Desktop for Windows on my Mac will make my life much easier. One less reason to use a PC.

    Of course, there was already a solution for this called HOBLink. HOBLink is a pure java product from Germany that would allow Macs to connect to WTS and was pretty quick once you got it launched, but now I'm glad I didn't drop the $100 for it!
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    MPEG 2 finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MPEG 2 is very useful!
    Lack of MPEG2 support has been a great void for MDs trying to show good video. In our Ophthalmology Department we have been using a Windows box to edit and save surgical videos as MPEG2, and I have been extremely annoyed that I canÕt play them on my PowerBook. QuickTime files just do not cut it for the quality that is required to show a surgical video at a conference! The files are too large, and the quality does not come close to MPEG2. I have been waiting for this feature for over a year, now my anti-Mac, Windows colleagues can stop making fun of my Mac!

    While $19.99 is not really expensive, it is more than MPEG2 support in Windows Media Player (MPEG2 support is free), and I am unhappy that I apparently canÕt encode MPEG2 with QuickTime, even after paying. And no, iDVD will not cut it because it will save the files in DVD format, and they canÕt be incorporated into a PowerPoint presentation (or am I wrong?).
    For me, this is a big step in the right direction, but I also want encoding support for MPEG2 in QuickTime. Once I have that I can turn my back on the Windows box and that incredibly annoying Adobe Premiere.
    There are a lot of physicians that like Apple, and SJ and Co. need to support our needs.
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    pre-order jaguar

    I would urge anyone who bought 10.1 not to pre-order 10.2

    We should get a break on an upgrade to the finished product.
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    I agree that it would not be a good move to pre-order.

    We need to let APPLE know how we feel!

    There needs to be an upgrade option in the price structure!
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    "Asked about that possibility, Jobs said that first the company had to finish the transition to the OS X operating system, expected around the end of this year. "

    paid for 10.1 and now they want more for 10.2, but by his own admission the transition is not finished yet, so we are going to pay again?
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    Uh... I think he means the users. People who own Apple computers doing a transition from OS 9.x to 10. They figure about 40% + after Jaguars realease.

    And Developers. Death of 9, and all.

    But just like any OS, it'll never truly be finished. That's just the nature of computing.
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    Anyone else notice all the rebates you can get if you buy OS X.2 (Jagwire) with other software and hardware?


    Check the Savings it's called. Trying to soften the blow I guess.

    Course, if you just want the OS, yer kinda screwed.
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    EQ for OS X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    he says "the company".

    he's talking about the possibility of moving to intel (or alternative) processors. if he means users, like you say,then he would want all users to move to OSX first, then start making hardware with alturnative processors.
    he doesn't have any control over users, he can just transition the company.

    Look at what people who buy a system now are told, pay another $20 to upgrade a system you just bought, and paid thousands for. Is that reasonable?
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    Re: transition

    yes, it is, and lets not get into it again. It still cheaper than windows for a better product.
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    2 things. First you all have fun with your little boycott. I'll be buying Jagwire day one and loving it. It's good stuff, and i'll pay for good stuff. Just close your eyes and pretend it's 10.5 (which an upgrade this big should be ).

    Second, EQ for OS X roxxors. I'll be pharming me some phat loot on my uber OS. Now if only we can get them to port Chip n' Dales MMORPG...
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    i don't see why anyone really needs this mpeg-2 for quicktime playback. Mpeg-4 encoding is built in and it kicks mpeg-2's butt.

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