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MacWorld soon?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ehayut, Apr 3, 2006.

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    Wasn't MacWorld supposed to happen soon, and wasn't there supposed to be some kind of announcement? Does anyone know when this is coming up? Thanks :)
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    Glenn Wolsey

    Macworld is in January...
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    January actually.
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    ugh my bad :p
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    Maybe you were thinking of WWDC which is taking place in August or perhaps the rumoured April 1st Apple 30th Birthday announcement.
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    MacWorld is in January and October, WWDC is in August (later than usual this year to coincide with the release of the Intel PowerMacs.)

    Now you know! :cool:
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    Slight correction:

    MacWorld San Fran is in January.

    MacExpo Paris is in September/October

    WWDC is in August this year.
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    Slight correction:

    MacExpo Paris is in September/October

    MacExpro does not exist.

    :p :cool:
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    Changed Expro to Expo, happy ~Shard~? :D

    Wait, maybe they'll change to name to ExPro to match MacBook Pro. :D Let the rumor game begin.
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    Much better. ;) :D

    Hmm, an "ExPro" Conference, I wonder if naming it that would put some of the Pro users on edge... interesting concept... :cool:

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