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Madison, WI

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by c073186, Jun 19, 2008.

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    I am hoping there will not be too many others = Shorter lines :eek:
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    There is a Wisconsin thread already posted. although it is really being dominated by the Bayshore people
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    I'm hoping the same as well! :)

    Any ideas on how many units they'll have in stock for the first come first serve people?? Hoping a decent amount so I don't do all this waiting for nothing!
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    I may be here, or Best Buy, got a big gift card for them expiring somewhat soon. So while buying from Apple store gives me more nerd cred, I don't want to have my $ card expire!
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    I just bought a HTC Aria and I plan on returning that for an iPhone 4. Hopefully there isn't a long line at the AT&T store on University.

    Construction to sway away customers... hopefully.
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    AT&T is no longer making iPhone 4 available on launch day (June 24) for customers who haven't preordered. It has been pushed back to June 29:

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    Well, I plan on hitting the Apple/AT&T store to play with the iPhone 4 to see if I really want it. Since I paid $245+ for my Aria, minus the restocking fee, I should have enough to cover and pick up an iPhone 4.

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