Mafia style Enron "clean up"?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by AlBDamned, Jul 12, 2006.

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    First Ken Lay, now this.

    It reminds me of Goodfellas and De Niro's character's fears after the Lufthansa heist...
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    Good point. I wonder if we'll see any more timely deaths on this case...
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    Nowadays you just can't be paranoid enough. I used to think this was all tin foil hat stuff. Now I'm thinking I need more tin foil.
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    Noooo! Stay away from the tin foil! It actually INCREASES the resonance of brain waves and the possibility of mindreading.
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    this is getting creepy.
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    Oh? I thought the worse that could happen was that folks with strong psy powers would cook themselves...
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Wow, this thread had a "cleaning". :)

    Could it be that the powers at MR are part of what was Enron?:D

    Joking aside, the news of the past few weeks does give pause at to what is truly going on. Not much different from those on the Right that felt that the spate of deaths of the Clinton "connected"; were some conspiracy.

    The concern I have is that Enron was part of the closed door meetings with Cheney soonn after the Bush team took office.

    I am sure that someone here will correct me here, but the energy markets have seen some great profits. In excess of the meager 3% or so growth in income. Sure some can be explained by protracted conflict in Iraq, and profiteering over other concerns. But Maryland is facing 70% increase in electric costs AFTER deregulation.
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    Between what the gov't wants to cover-up, what the public would really not want to hear & see about Enron's insides, and the key players not wanting to ever set foot inside any jail, prison or correctional facility......

    yea, ALL of them will die, in one way or another, long before anything is resolved in this case....

    This crap will make watergate seem like schoolyard bullies telling on each other

    Last time I checked, it's called C * Y * A.......and if you dont know what that means, then you shouldnt be reading this :D

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