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Magazine Apps...Other Than Zinio

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by btrav13, May 21, 2010.

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    What other apps are you folks using for magazines? And why?
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    I bought an issue of Men's Health from it's app. Not bad, but only one magazine, obviously. We need 4.0 and native folders if a lot if mags their own apps.
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    PopSci's standalone magazine app is supposedly pretty slick.
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    I think Zinio is the only congregator. I wish there were other options with a wider variety of magazines, especially underground, avant guard mags.
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    Looks nice but $4.99 an issue seems a bit pricey to me. I'll wait till the prices come down on the single issue digital magazines. I snagged a couple of annual subscriptions through Zinio for $5 each :)
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    I had read somewhere on here about 3 weeks ago that someone had tried out Fortune Magazine on their iPad. It is NOT available in Zinio, so I have no idea where in the world he got it. And it was buried in some thread and I've had no luck finding out who posted it so I could ask him where he got it.

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