MagCozy Leashes MagSafe 2 Converter to Power Adapter Cord

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 12, 2013.

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    The MagCozy, like the KeyBit, is an innovative solution that is designed to help Mac owners keep track of their MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converters.

    Apple's MagSafe 2, which was introduced with the 2012 MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro, is incompatible with original MagSafe Power Adapter, necessitating the use of a small converter to charge MagSafe 2 devices with MagSafe adapters.

    Currently featured on Kickstarter, the MagCozy leashes the converter to the cord of a power adapter, preventing the accessory from being lost or misplaced.

    The MagCozy was inspired by a rubber band that attached the converter to the adapter, and the idea evolved into a simple but sleek sleeve that encompasses the converter and attaches to the adapter via a small loop. While the KeyBit was ideal for keeping a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 converter on hand while traveling, the MagCozy is ideal for home use.

    Kickstarter backers can get a MagCozy in white, red, black, or blue for a pledge of $8. The designer, Ben Martinek, is also offering a limited edition MagCozy in an undetermined color and t-shirts for an additional fee.

    Article Link: MagCozy Leashes MagSafe 2 Converter to Power Adapter Cord
  2. street.cory, Jun 12, 2013
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    I'm glad there are a lot of Mac niche companies out there. In a mixed Mac home this will come in handy for sure!
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    Well that's rather nifty.
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    In what scenario would you actually need to use the converter? I mean, your computer comes with a compatible MagSafe 2 charger, so that doesn't need the converter. So you'd only ever need it when you go somewhere, forget your own adapter, and are lucky enough to find someone who's got a Mac adapter, but it's a MagSafe 1 and not a 2. You then wouldn't attach your converter to their adapter! So when would you use this?
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    Anyone with a MagSafe 1 charger that has a MagSafe 2 MacBook.
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    If I were to get a new MacBook sometime soon (which I plan to do), what I will do is leave my new MagSafe 2 adapter at work, and use my old MagSafe 1 at home with the converter. That way in the (rare) instance I need my old laptop, I have the adapter right there. If I need to leave for a trip, I might forget to get my new adapter from work and I might conceivably lose my converter while traveling.

    Obviously someone thought this was useful. But you know, I might as well buy a second converter for $10 and always keep it in my bag.
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    Cinema displays.

    Game, set, match.
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    Beat me to it. :)
  9. bedifferent, Jun 12, 2013
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    You have got to be kidding. Buy the adapter, and a leash for your adapter, and a carrying case for all of it. Buy, buy, buy and grease the industry wheels cause you need this, you have to haaaaave it. We're like rats on spinning wheels. All these little things add up, to empty wallets and overflown landfills.


    Yeah, and how often have I removed my adapter or carried my display around? It stays on or on my desktop if I knock it off. Otherwise, the power adapter that came with my MacBook doesn't need an adapter. For the most part, this is an unnecessary little thing for people to buy.

    Check, and, mate ;)

    Edit: As the creator has posted on this thread, I want to apologize if my comment was/is offensive. It was a remark about consumerism in general and not meant to disrespect you or your idea and meant partly in jest. Certainly there is a market for your idea and there are people who would benefit from it. I wish you luck in your endeavor as more people are using other avenues in this tougher economy, pushing people to be more creative and taking more risks. This will allow others to do the same, and will absolutely benefit us long term. Who knows when the next "big thing" will change the world again.

    This is a great example, something I think ALL of us should support. :)
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    Far better than the "adapter in the keychain" thing...
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    And supposing you lost your spare? You'd have to buy another then, and another and another. With this product you need only buy it once and it stays attached to your laptop forever.
  12. donutbagel, Jun 12, 2013
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    If you're like my friend. His house has 2 MBPs and 1 rMBP, so he has chargers that would otherwise be useless without the adaptor. Our school also has Mac chargers, but they're Magsafe 1.

    By the way, what's the point of Magsafe 2?
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    It's a way to extract another $10 from your wallet.
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    My wife and I often take turns sharing a single charger, which happens to be within reach most of the time. This adapter would be rather convenient in case our computers had different Magsaves :p
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    But that $10 isn't going to Apple.
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    I have a macbook air with MagSafe 1 that I use as kitchen- and patio computer, but I also like using my work/fun-Macbook Pro Retina with MagSafe 2 in the kitchen or outside sometimes without having to need to take the charger with me. Either way it's cool to have chargers for both around the house.

    Could be the first kickstarter Project that I'll back.

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    Mine was for free

    (with the purchase of a Thunderbolt Display) :D

    But seriously, I like the MagSafe 2 connection quite a bit more instead of having the cable run parallel to the side of the Macbook. But in the end it's a matter of taste and it's not really difficult to twist this against Apple if one feels like doing that.
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    My computer gets dragged along when I trip over the cable all the time due to the parallel MagSafe 1 design. This never happened to me when I had the original T-style MagSafe 1.
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  21. donutbagel, Jun 12, 2013
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    I guess there may be a niche for this but at the point someone "designed" this, made a prototype, and now has it on kickstarter for $8. A burrito at Chipotle cost about $8, and has a lot more value than this. It should be sold in $1 stores, and I think I know what the price should be.
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    That Chipotle burrito is $8 and is only edible once. This $8 adapter which is quite clever, but simple, can save you from losing those $10 magsafe adapters. If you don't need/want one, move on... this is obviously not for you.
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    Why MagSafe?

    Hey Peeps,

    Ben here, I was the dude who came up with that little widget.

    There are lots of good points out there pro and con.

    Apple made the MagSafe2 Port to make the slimmer computers we all want. Once upon a time in DC I used to work at an Apple Retail store where back in the days of the G3 and G4 iBooks and Power books that center pin (looked like a headphone jack) used to get broken off in the computers all the time. New adapter and laptop used to have to be taken apart. Hard times for everybody. So MagSafe is a welcome addition, evolution to the second version is kind of a pain though.

    Honestly I am not trying to make much money off this, trying to build it in a semi-small scale with high fidelity and shipping adds up :-( Hence at the second reward point you get three MagCozys! I had the idea last August when I lost one of those pretty shiny metal adapters. But I took a job in a far off land that didn't work out and got distracted from this project. Better late then never right?

    Keybit I think is a beautiful elegant solution! I just don't like carrying more things on my keychain. Also I am not a fan of a solution that costs more than the part itself :-o

    Hope people might find it useful. Hit me up with any questions.

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    This exactly. My wife has a 2011 MBA, I have a 2012 MBA. There is a MagSafe 1 charger in the living room. I have to find my stupid adapter every time I want to use my MBA in the livingroom.

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