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MagicReader - A Touch-Free Book Reader

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by StudioLoupe, Feb 28, 2012.

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    A touch-free book reader is coming to iPad very soon!
    You don't have to touch the screen to flip through pages.
    Should be coming to App Store in a couple of days.
    Check out the video if you're interested

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    I use Audible all the time for touch-free book reading.
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    That's a great App!
    I think the big difference between Audible and MagicReader is that you actually get to see and read the book. And you have a total control over the timing of when to flip the page!
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    I am not interested in the app but do have a question. In the video it only shows users moving forward by turning their head to the left. Can users also go backwards by turning their head right? Can the user looking up/down be mapped to a command?
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    Sorry to hear the App doesn't interest you too much. It's going to be a FREE App, so it'd be nice if you can at least try it out for fun :)

    To answer your question, yes, it works both ways. Left and right.
    Up and down is also possible, but we left it out from the first version to make things simple. We plan to add up/down commands very soon. We're also experimenting with mapping the eye movements to turn pages for future updates!
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    The App Store says it is compatible with iPad. How can an original iPad WiFi model possibly know what your head is doing?
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    Hello Ashwood11,
    The App runs on the 1st iPad, but the face detection can only be used on devices with front-camera. It is written on the bottom of the description.
    But we are planning to add voice detection as well, so that should work on the first iPad!

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