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All iPads Magnetic Stylus

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by MarathonRock, Nov 21, 2012.

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    I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation ats far as one of the magnetic styluses that attach to the iPad screen, or the smart cover screen. I have read some reviews where it said that after awhile the stylus seems to shift all over the screen. I have a stylus that attaches to the headphone port, but not a big fan. I would appreciate any personal recommendations!
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    I recently purchased this magnetic stylus and I love it. Here's link.
    It ships from Europe, so took a little bit longer than normal to arrive, but was worth the wait. I found a good overall review that reviewed various brands. The Maglus ranked real high; here is the direct link to their review. http://www.theverge.com/products/maglus/5593
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    Thanks for the recommendations!!
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    Just got the Maglus. Very nice, but be prepared for a two week wait!
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    It doesn't mention if it will attach to an iPad mini but I assume it would.
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    I bought the Maglus 3 days ago, and it shows it shipped and will be here by Nov 30th!
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    I ordered and paid for the Maglus on the 7th November. It was not delivered until the 20th.

    I wasn't impressed considering the shipping cost me a significant amount extra.
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    Got my magnus.

    Does not work with the devicewear mini case i have due to the magnet placement.

    Also have to press too hard and the fidelity is no better than any other capacitive stylus.

    Will be returning it.
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    I'm finding the same thing, sort've. I like the way it handles now but it took some getting used to, like 30 mins of testing different apps and finally getting my hand calibrated to press with the right amount of weight.

    And yeah the magnet doesn't work at all with the mini. Works great with the regular ipad though. Like super-great.

    And the tip it came with was loose and the rubber came off when I was trying to put the replacement on and I'm emailing now to even see if replacement tips are for sale, or what. (I wasn't pulling by the rubber)

    Overall it's not a bad stylus just:
    Not for the mini
    Not for some apps.
    Where are the replacement tips?

    For $40 USA it's not quite as jaw dropping as I was expecting but I'll likely keep it and use it only with the larger ipad, leaving the Adonit Jot mini for the mini.
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    I agree, there is a learning curve to Maglus in order to how much pressure that you place for specific apps. I found a secuse fit magnetically when placed over the Apple magnetic cover. Very strong in my opinion.

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