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Magnifique bricked my mac

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by Greenman85, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Nothing works. Can't even run the install cd. Even tried safe mode and it's screwed. Pls help! Thx! I have SL
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    You can't even boot from the install DVD?
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    my screen loads and then I can't do ANYTHING
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    Let's take this step by step. Can you place the Snow Leopard Install DVD into your DVD Drive, hold down the OPTION key at startup and select "Mac OS X Install DVD"?
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    Yes but I lost my sl disk. If I install leopard will I lose my data. The main thing I care about will be my music
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    We're just trying to figure out if you can boot off of the install disk or not.
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    So you did what celticpride suggested? What happened when you did that?
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    I can't get the install disk out to replace it with the sl disk. Damnit!!
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    Ok my sl disk will archive and install correct? If so i should be good. It won't install magnifique and put my messed up theme back on will it?
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    Boot up the computer while holding the trackpad button. That will eject whatever CD is in the optical drive.

    Then, take the computer to a local Apple Store (hopefully) and they will provide you with materials needed to fix the computer.

    Good luck!
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    By default, the Snow Leopard Install DVD will Archive and Install. It will remove all system files and and install fresh copies, but Magnifique will still be there. However, the theme that Magnifique set probably won't.
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    DO NOT use Magnifique on Snow Leopard
    8/10/2009 <~~~~~~~
    WARNING: DO NOT use Magnifique on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. It's almost certain that it will mess up your system beyond repair.

    We are planning a complete rewrite of Magnifique once Snow Leopard is released. Thanks for everyone's support
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    I'm glad I read this!

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