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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by patricia b, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Can it be used in autos, too?

    ETA: Adapter, not Adaptor, and I found that it is NOT. Sorry for taking up space with the question!
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    Never tried it, but I would say don't do it. It is not fused like most of the other combo adapters out there. I suspect it expects the heavily regulated and fused power source found on commercial aircraft.

    Edit: Guess I wasn't quick enough...
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    Well, this actually does lead to another question, since I've never used the airline plug. Does this mean that the adapter I've used in the car isn't made for airlines and it always takes a different one? (I need to look and see if there is an auto adapter for the MBA.)
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    Actually you shouldn't have a problem.

    Apple's airline adapter uses either the traditional 12 volt style auto plug or the less frequently used empower plug. One slides on top of the other.

    Most auto adapters I have used work fine in the airline plugs that utilize the standard 12 volt auto style plug, but you will be out of luck if the aircraft uses the other style. (I believe still called empower - not sure as I haven't seen one or discussed it in a long time)

    Many people use the standard DC to AC inverters on the plane which also generally works in most cars. Although I can't believe the number of cars that are turning up with AC plugs these days. The same is true of aircraft. Many of the newer planes have AC outlets.
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    If that's the case, then why does Apple never advertise them as auto adapters for your MacBook?

    Are you sure that airline connectors are the same as car cigarette lighters?

    Same voltage, amperage, polarity, connectors, whatever?
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    Read what I said...

    I said if you have an auto use inverter that gives you an AC plug it will work on a plane that uses the cigarette lighter style plug. So you can then plug whatever standard AC device (within reason)you desire.

    I specifically said you should not use the Apple adapter in a car.
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    Google it.

    Fires, not enough voltage (needs 16V), won't run-and-charge same time, etc.

    Auto plug, but definitely not for autos.


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