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Discussion in 'Mac Guides' started by arn, Nov 10, 2005.

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    a few things. You can't copy content from other websites and simply link to them. Not without permission. those pages will need to be deleted. It's a very different situation as from Wikipedia and our own forums. Wikipedia licenses their content to allow that to be done. The forums are owned by me... so I give myself permission. Beyond that, it's copyright infringement.


    I don't think we need to make a category for a single program. Simply put it in the broadest category. (Mac OS X in this case). If we get enough of them (3-4 or more) then we can create a subcatgegory.

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    Good point about the other websites. I didn't think about that. I did, in my defense, reference the source.

    As for the Xcode Tools - I had intended to add more, but got off on other stuff.

    But, since I got my own thread here, what do you guys think about this:

    as seen here:

    Some of the guides are Tiger-only, so I thought I'd make that little badge.
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    I like the graphic, and think it will add value to the guide. My only concern is that once Leopard comes out, and spotlight is suddenly on more operating systems than just Tiger (as well as the rest of the 200+ Tiger features that manage to stick around), how easy/difficult will it be to update all those pages that have Tigertip on them?
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    Interesting point, eh?

    Perhaps the purpose of that badge is to show the minimum OS requirements then? How many of these tips appears in Panther and are no longer valid?
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    Perhaps the best approach would be to use the Tiger badge for now, and as the Guides evolve, to produce an icon for all iterants of OS X. The "TigerTip" could then expand to say "This article applies to [Tiger logo] [Leopard logo]" or "This article applies to [Panther]."

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