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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by sunfast, Mar 2, 2006.

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    I designed and maintain a website for my yacht racing team ( I only switched to Mac a few months ago and I'm embarrassed to say before that I only ever tested my site in Internet Exploiter.

    But now of course, I've been able to use safari and the site looks a bit different (just in terms of frame size & layout). I want to get it looking good for any fellow Mac users but not sure what Safari is doing any different to IE.

    Any tips for getting sites to look the same in different browsers?
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    I tend to preview sites in Firefox. If it looks right there it generally looks ok in IE and Safari. But check in all 3 to be sure. Also get someone to check it on a PC.
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    That doesn't even come close to answering his question. That is a really good questions though. I've just got a job working on a company's web site and was concerned about this as well. What code are you using for the web site?
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    It's just HTML I wrote using HTML Kit on the PC. I'm using Taco HTML on my Mac for editing now though.
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    Basically if your code validates and you're not using any proprietary IE extensions, you should be OK.

    Don't think of Safari as some mythical beast which requires special attention.
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    That is a VERY useful link - I have plenty of work to do! Thanks for the advice guys.

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