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Man, 77, Holds Record for Blood Donations

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by applemacdude, Apr 6, 2004.

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    Congratulations to Maurice Wood for such a altruistic record. I can't donate because of medical reasons. I do know the feeling of doing for others. Each person should do what is comfortable for them.
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    question fear

    wow...thats amazing.

    i cant give because i keep having piercings and such...nice to know he's got the slack.
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    Wow, that's gutsy....I'm 21 and I've donated 20 times...(you can only donate once every ten weeks here).....so if I donate five times a year...by the time I'm 77 I would have donated 300 odd donations...

    I'm gonna go for that record. ;)
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    thats awesome...
    i've given a few times, but have to admit- i was more than a little pissed off when the red cross through away a lot of the blood donated in dc after 9/11 because they hadnt refrigerated correctly due to too many people donating...
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    i cant donate either...
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    you should do apheresis
    it takes a little longer but it potentially helps more (typically they are used within 24 hours of a donation)
    plus you can donate every 2 weeks

    I do it for the crazy head rush, strange aftertaste, and sexy bandages on both arms
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    Oh we call that a plasma donation over here (I had to look up apheresis :eek: ) but that's odd, because they really push for people to donate blood, but not necessarily the apheresis...I would have thought both were just as important.

    I started donating cause one of my friends got leukaemia and was always needing blood. Wasn't so bad.
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    over here it's called plasma donation too
    it's just that here most people sell plasma (which goes to research and not to patients) instead of donating it (which goes only to patients who need it)
    so I, and many other people who donate, call it apheresis so I don't funny looks from people who may construe that I am some crack head selling blood in order to support a habit.

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