Man Happier About Switch to Mac than Conversion to Christian...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 19, 2004.

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    Hmmm? I thought the switcher ad campaign was long over... Am I missing something here? Is Apple going to revive the switcher ads or is this guy just nuts?

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    i couldn't help but notice that it is written in a very parody of news style
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    Indeed you are.

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    Now then... why has this been posted on MacBytes now?

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    People always miss this part (hint - go to the bottom of the link where it says THE TRUTH):

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    Double Doh.

    How could I miss that?

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    Macbytes is out to get you!! :p
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    I'm on a mission to confuse you :D
    Honestly, missed the date on it, but thought the content was humorous enough for a few folks to give it a read-through.
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    Ambrose Chapel

    it's pretty funny..abc123 is right - it's very Onion-esque
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    "The change in Philips has been difficult for his irreligious, PC-using family, who feel as though he has abandoned the culture in which he was raised."

    Am i the only one that laughed my ass off to this statement?
    Its as if PC-users have lost all faith, but are a culture all their own.

    This is comedy. The edgey kind of satire that makes you wonder if it really is satire to begin with - is the best satire of all!
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    Ah, good old satire. That was pretty funny.

    That said, as a Mac-using Christian, I think I have a healthy perspective on which of the two is more important. Hint: it's the one that's eternal. :p

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    That's a tough call. Fail to follow the majority in choosing your personal beliefs, and you just might end up in hell one day.

    Follow the majority in computing, and you just might end up in hell every single time you turn on your computer! :D

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