Man left dangling upside down, pantsless (chairlift)

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by MacDawg, Jan 7, 2009.

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    Everyman's nightmare comes true ;)

    Link to The Smoking Gun article

    I am not posting the pics, but there are 5 of them on the site (not too graphic)

    Woof, Woof – Dawg [​IMG]
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    good god how is that even remotely possible ?

    this beats the hairspray can accident by far
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    I saw this on last night. Those pics look as if they were meant to have the word "FAIL" added on them, LOLstyle.

    I wonder how many bystanders had to refrain from asking the guy, "Hey, how's it hangin'?" :D

    All humor aside, I'm glad he was essentially unhurt-- physically, anyway.
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    ... I was laughing my a%% off at this... That is funny.
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    Is this real? I don't understand how the chairlift would have pulled his pants off, let alone pulled his underwear off. :eek:
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    He was left "Balls out".....literally

    I see money in his future.

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    I think the guy was walking around with his pants down to begin with. He just had a mishap with the chairlift.

    If I were this guy, I'd be proud. Everyone got to see his man-goods... unless he wasn't blessed... then it sucks.
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    yah, i bet the cold weather didn't help his 'appearance'
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    Not the most flattering photos...:)
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    He was walking around with a child and his pants down? WTF? :eek:
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    Agreed, this was freaking hilarious!:D
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    Yep, this will definitely go in the FAIL archives...
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    Much Ado

    2009 already better than 2008.
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    lol awesome
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    funnier at least. :p
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    He must have slipped out the back of the lift and his pants stuck near the seated portion. His buns of steel etc. were then revealed.
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    Nice tan.
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    The cold... ha! That does nothing to my staff.

    Why? You don't do this on a regular basis?
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    Not with children around, no. Otherwise, of course. ;)
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    Nothing feels as great as having your little bugger out enjoying the breeze.. hmmm.. well except maybe when they are hard at work.
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    If I was hanging upside-down like that off a ski lift by my boots and bindings, I would have pissed myself!!! Of course, it would probably hit my own face, resulting in even greater embarrassment.

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