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Man Making Millions Selling Real Estate - on the Moon

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Sun Baked, Mar 29, 2004.

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    Sun Baked

    Nice to see the old inexpensive undeveloped properties back on the market, cheap.
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    Doctor Q

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    How many parcels have McDonalds and Starbucks purchased so far?

    I don't need land on the moon, thank you. I want a piece of Loihi!
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    Buying land on the moon should be better than having a star named after you. At least the property would be closer. Who knows you might actually be able to visit sometime in the future
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    Too bad it is a scam.

    It is just a scam. All you are buying is a offical looking plaque. :rolleyes: Some are pretty expensive. Or the people that think it would be cool to buy a ton of land like 10-100 land plots for $20 a pop. And it costs the guy hosing, shipping, and .10 for some peice of paper and a frame from china.
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    It all depends on who sets up the first colony there and how they handle "his" parcels. It could be that the claims will be declared abandoned. It could be that who ever makes the moon base, buys the land from him and legitimizes the claims. If not there will be a long intricate court battle.
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    nice... very nice........
    gemme 10,000 ;)
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    i bought the Brooklyn Bridge a while back, got a good price on it too.
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    Sure it was the right Brooklyn Bridge? You're not the guy who took London Bridge to Havisu City are you?
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    For $20US an acre I'd be in.
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    There was a thread recently about people who complained against the US making use of "their" land on the moon :).
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    Mr. Anderson

    You have a link to that? That's just great :D

    As a novelty, having a framed 'Deed' to land on the moon would be fun. But by the time you can actually get there, you won't be alive.

    And I don't think these deeds will hold up in court - when it comes down to that.

    I remember when we were sending Pathfinder (I think) there was a bit of ruckus from a religious group claiming that Mars was theirs and that the US hadn't asked their permission to land the rover on their property.....:D

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    isn't there some sort of an international agreement that the outer space and objects in it cannot be claimed as any country's domain, much like antarctica?
  13. jsw
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    This is fundamentally the same as services that name a star after you.

    Few people expect it to be worth anything, and those who do are likely to lose money to simple scams their entire lives.
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    There is/was another guy from Australia doing the same a few years ago. Even if these guys don't know what they are doing is invalid it seems fairly presumptuous. In fact, didn't the world agree that the moon has no "owner"?
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    Right. No country can claim it. At least none of the signatories to the treaty. The guy uses the treaty as proof that individuals can claim it. Sort of applying the logic of the 10th amendment. All powers not reserved for the federal government or not forbidden to the states are given to the states and people.
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    Excuse me.

    The Sovereign Right of MrMacMan gives him full control over the mood, and therefore the tides!

    If you do not give me $100 a day for the next infinite amount of years you -- will -- be -- DOOMED!

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    Sun Baked

    I think I'll buy me a mood ring for $1.00 or grab one of those stress cards for free at the next local expo, and call Mr. Moody's attempt to gain control of the world's mood, a failure in my corner of it.

    Unless Mr. Moody is going to control when women are "in the mood" -- in that case he may destroy us all. :eek:

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