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Man Sues Neighbor Over Bad Vibes, Says She Must Turn Off Electronics

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Sun Baked, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Sun Baked

    Those crazy people from New Mexico with iPhone allergies, what'll they think of next. ;)
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    Sensitivity to electromagnetic fields is a known phenomenon. I would think the onus, however, is on him to move not his neighbor.
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    "Electromagnetic sensitivities" - bummer he was born on Earth with its electromagnetic field. Too bad he hasn't discovered the shielding qualities of the tinfoil pyramidal hat. :rolleyes:
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    Rodimus Prime

    While it is true people do suffer with that disability I do not think people should have to bend over backwards because of it. Now the guy sueing should have his house electronomaticly shielded. that is mostly involves lining all the walls and roof with an wire like mesh and it makes the house a Faraday cage. It would block all wireless signals coming in from the out side.

    The rights of the majority are being interfered on by the minority.
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    I doubt she is casting a strong enough electromagnetic field from her various household devices to affect him.
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    Rodimus Prime

    Just going to point out it is a known thing and people do suffer from it. Like I pointed out above it is not that hard to shield ones residents from electromagnetic interference. Hell the wire mesh lining can be inside the walls so one can not see it and it would still do its job and the people who suffer from it the worse things like cell phones will make them sick.

    Wireless routers will do it as well. He just needs to shield his house and he would be fine.
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    Depends how far away she is and how sensitive he is. 10 or 20ft is what I remember as being the range for most. It causes headaches, nausea and panic attacks in some people. Not her problem, however.
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    Sun Baked

    He purchased his half of the split duplex (close together), really old home and wiring ... with both homes tied together and his electric meter on her house.

    Would think that he'd rewire his house, relocate his meter, and put in a new service panel/ground, plus install foil backed insulation or something on the walls between.

    Likely all this would come to a lot less than the initial legal bill.
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    Wasn't there a thread about this already?
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    That would only make you think that you are blocking all the radiation.
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    Dimmer switches do my head in as I can hear the high pitched buzzing al lthe time. The lower the dimmer the louder the noise. I can also hear my Macs CPUs when they are on. Very subtle high pitched noises that change when they are working (no its not the hard drive).

    We also had a TV that I could hear from my driveway when it was on standby. :eek: I could tell if someone had left the TV on before I got it the car. :D

    I have to wear earplugs to sleep at night! :eek:
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    I would say that either he is or has worked for Microsoft before.
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    According to that although it’s claimed to exist, the medical and scientific communities don’t actually recognize it as a medical or otherwise existent condition. In any case, I agree with you that the responsibility falls on the person who has this affliction, not everyone around him. That’s like telling a private resident he has to build a wheelchair ramp on his property because his neighbor is handicapped. :rolleyes:
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    Sounds like the plaintiff should move out to someplace where his nearest neighbor is a mile away.
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    It's a known load of crap. The entire world is flooded with EM fields, both natural and otherwise. Every piece of electrical hardware would set the guy off. He says he's been sleeping in his car. If his car is modern, he'll be unlocking it with radio waves.
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    He had better not win that case because it's completely ridiculous.

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    Sun Baked

    Shows what 20+ years of activism in a fringe area will net you.

    Image what some of the really active PRSI users will morph into in that time, and what they will be suing the Circle K clerk over. :p

    You know you are a nut sack when you get your own activist wiki entry.

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    Poor guy. Light probably really freaks him out.

    Maybe he could sue the Sun.
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    u would have to be inhuman.... r u?
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    Just for this I would set up a bunch of electronics outside his house. :D
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    Do these people not realise that when alternating current passes through a conductor (I.e. All the wiring in and under a house) it creates an electromagnetic field, let alone all the omnidirectional broadcast radio and tv signals that have been arround for ages. Why is this sensativity thingey a new thing? I just do t buy it!
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    I dont think so. :D

    If you have a dimmer switch put your ear right up close to it and play with the dimmer. ;)
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    wth. some people need to stop suing for stu**d reasons...seriously...they don't even live in the same house!!!! -__-
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    Dude, go back to the other thread and tell us the story with that chick...wtf? you left us all hanging!
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    i see where this guy is coming from, but if someone told me to turn our 2 wifi networks of, witch we need for our 8+ laptops and devices (one network is mine and can have 10gb of data going through it at one time, the other is family) i would be quite pi***d off

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