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Manchurian Candidate Sequel?

Discussion in 'Community' started by pdpfilms, Aug 12, 2004.

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    Haw many of you all have seen Manchurian Candidate yet?

    Didn't the end leave some strings untied? (i.e. history/future of Manchurian Corporation, tatoo-face arabic women, Shaw shooting at US choppers in beginning, the function of the embedded shoulder chips, denzel's condition {still under control?}, etc, etc.)


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    I saw this a few days ago.. yeah I thought it was very very "unfinished" I know there is an original movie.. though I havent seen it yet.. maybe the whole movie plot is explained in that...
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    question fear

    i could see something...but i think manchurian global was destroyed at the end. they were discredited in the media, and the gov't knew what they'd done and had the proof. what's scary in the movie isn't just what was done, but that it happens ENTIRELY outside the realm of what we (as avg citizens) could encounter.
    Also, Shaw shooting at choppers-they weren't US choppers, they were enemy choppers-it was part of the brainwashed flashback.
    I would be curious to see if the shoulder implants are better explained in deleted scenes on the subsequent dvd.
    The original might explain some things (i'm planning on renting it to find out) but the method and enemy are different, so its not really an exact remake.
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    But it was the war in Kuwait....

    OPTION 1: The enemy didn't have choppers. All they had were a few AK's, a few RPG's, and some grenades. I'm not even sure if they had tanks. Being a realistic(ish) film, I expect they took this into account. In the battle scene, i believe shaw or some other soldier ordered to light a flare, and momentarily after, the choppers came in, seemingly holding fire, especially towards the US soldiers. I'm pretty familiar with military aircraft, and I'm almost positive the choppers depicted were UH-60s....the blackhawk in Blackhawk Down. If the enemy DID in fact have a helicopter or two in Kuwait, they'd be Russian made, nothing looking at all like a 60. THEN AGAIN, maybe it was just one of those classic hollywood moments...."the RPGs and gunfire aren't enough...let's throw in a few choppers to spice things up."
    OPTION 2: Maybe Manchurian Coorperation choppers? When shaw saw them, and they didn't identify as US personnel, he figured they were hostile? That could be.
    Overall, I'm satisfied with the ending, though still a bit confused with a few things. Maybe I'm just spacing out, but what happened to Denzel (what was his name again?) in the end?
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    I think you're missing the point with the helis. There were no helis. There was a flashback scene where Marco sees a room full of the soldiers while they watch a movie screen showing a faked depiction of Shaw's "actions."
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    Good point....that was shown in the beginning depiction of the battle, which may have been tainted by the corporation. Maybe i'm just surprised that they chose to put choppers in as enemy, as there clearly were none in the war. Anyways....

    Anybody else see room for a sequel????
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    i dont know why they used helicopters in the brainwashing process due to the simple fact that it could discredit their story if the enemy didnt have any helicopters. they must of screwed up. why would they show him shooting at a copter if the enemy didnt have them. how would it help their brainwashing scheme to make him believe he was shooting at U.S. helicopters?

    anyway, i cant stand to watch dark movies like this anymore. it made me sick. society is saturated with this crap. ugh. im gonna try comedy and learn to laugh more.

    on the flip side, collateral was great.
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    I don't see much room for a sequel. Although, in the age on sequels and remakes, I suppose it's entirely possible. I just think that the story pretty much comes to an end, even though it leaves you with a few thoughts as to what happens next. I imagine this film might get a few Oscar nominations, and I don't see them building a sequel after that. The original was a little more clear than this one, but I really thought Denzel Washington was great and Liev Shrieber too.

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