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Manually manage movies and tv shows while retaining auto-sync for music

Discussion in 'iPod' started by nicotine, Jan 27, 2010.

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    Is there any way I can manually manage the movies and TV shows on the iPod while retaining the auto-sync of my music? Or is the separate tabs and check boxes for movies/music sync Apple giving us the illusion of choice?

    I have my iPod currently set to auto-sync my music but not my movies and TV shows, but that still doesn't allow me to drag and drop my movies and TV shows onto my ipod.

    Alternatively a way to sync all the movies and TV shows once then manually manage them from then on out would be helpful too.
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    I used to do my manually music that way but I still synced my podcasts and videos. I had it all on a big drive at home and just dragged to the iPod, so I didn't waste space on the computer. Assuming they didn't change the way it works. I can't test it because if I uncheck "sync" it looks like it'll delete everything on my iPhone (so your pre-sync won't work).


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