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Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by sev7en, Jun 16, 2013.

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    Hi to everyone,
    I would like start this thread to bring it up: Maps is great but it will never be a masterpiece without the offline navigation.
    What do you think to speak about a way to make it working by using the offline maps cache?
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    For Maps to be offline you'd need to download hundreds of megabytes of mapping data, and it's something I don't really see Apple doing.
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    This. And I also wouldn't want to use maps as navigation..
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    thanks for your replies, first.
    So I don't agree, as you can see by userself by using Ozi or other nav-stuff, you can define a limited area for browsing then the related depth. It isn't a size matter than a caching issue.
    By the way it looks a great software but it is superfluous without some aces (If you have a Mac certainly you have an iDevice and... already Maps).
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    The main point for Apple putting Maps on the Mac is mainly for the user to find where they want to go, look at directions and compare them to different routes and also look at the traffic on route (if by car) and then to send those directions to the iPhone.

    The features your looking for are features that not too many other users are going to want, and only adds weight and clutter where it isn't needed.
    With the new API's and SDK's in Mavericks i'm sure third-party dev's can fill in that nichè.

    Only thing I'd like Apple to do is make the "Send to iPhone" selectable a button in the UI so it's easier to find and click.
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    I would think that caching the maps would not be a big deal as long as the satellite images were excluded. My little tom-tom seems to cache all the North American maps just fine.

    However, macs don't have GPS receivers, so this feature would be about as useful as a paper map.
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    ScoobyMcDoo, I'm working around the external BT GPS handling but as far as I see Apple disabled the COM port mapping (I just opened a thread about).
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    Not true any more; with vector tiles, you can easily download street-level maps for an entire city.

    Google Maps on Android lets you download regions for offline use; I can download my entire city in something like 30MB.

    Obviously it doesn't include satellite images, but I think it might include 3d Buildings (of which there aren't many in my city).

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