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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by unlimitedx, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Man the new maps looking really good, and with turn by turn navi AND crowd sourcing. Looks like waze will replace waze for me
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    Will it work on the iPhone 4?
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    Most likely. We will see!
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    What exactly will the new maps crowd source?
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    sure will. 3gs and up. that is nice
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    No... iOS6 is on 3GS and up. Navigation is Siri integrated... I'd bet on 4S and up for navigation.
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    Also will work on the new Ipad as well most likely but not Ipad 1 or 2. We'll see soon.
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    That is my question too. Turn by Turn navigation seems to be SIRI based. What about older devices that don't have SIRI? Also, does the system-wide dictation feature only work on newer devices (New iPad, iPhone 4s+)?

    I'm a bit disappointed that they dropped support for a 2 year old, $800+ device (iPad 1).
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    Looks like the voice turn by turn is for iPhone 4s and the new iPhone because of siri. So those who have IP4 are not getting it. Figures.


    You and me both, especially since the hardware will run it. All about the $$$ aint it!
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    And all viewed over your puny 3.5" screen!! :D
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    how do you know that? i saw no idication that that was the case
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    Since there was no Siri announcement for older models, I'd assume it's 4s and above to get more pre orders on the iPhone 5.
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    I think there will still be voice read-outs on the iPhone 4, just not speaking to the maps and askin for directions by voice.
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    If it's not on the old devices it won't be because of Siri.

    They wouldn't make a core feature dependent on voice control.
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    Maps look really cool isn't it the old armys missile tracker.
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    Did Apple mention the source of maps data? It's going to suck (in the US) if they're using openstreetmap.

    Also, it would be nice if the maps were accessible from a web browser, even for icloud-only users.
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    Taken from the small print on Apple's site:
    Some features may not be available in all countries or all areas. Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later. Cellular data charges may apply.
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    Its looks wayyyyyy better than those screenshots we saw a few days ago. I figured that wouldn't be the final look.

    GREAT JOB, Apple.

    Maps on that new 4" iPhone is going to be sweeeeet.
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    Noooooo. I'm going to have to go get a 4s now :(

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