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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by OscarTheGrouch, Apr 8, 2007.

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    Yeah man, old school rocks!!! I have loved Marathon since it was first was introduced and am still an avid player. And you will be happy to know that they are now free on Bungie's website! You can download all three for free! And there is a OS X port called Aleph One, but you must have the originals first. It's free too! Have fun kicken' it old school!!

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    *starts to shake like an addict*

    where on their site.. im there now.. cant.. find... it... must... have... marathon....

    ok found it.. GAH.. the aleph one links dont work.. must.. find that... and find an app to unstuff this crap..
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    Hey man, "Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge" 3.0. Awesomest Marathon game ever. So amazingly way better than Marathon 1, 2 or Inf.

    Marathon RED also rocks. Then again, so does EVIL, and Squadron's alright, but it's a bit easy, and way too short.

    Eternal, not so much. Too damn confusing and hard to figure out what you're supposed to do.


    Woo! 450th post! 50 to go!
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    I still play Marathon online with a mate.

    Its awesome.
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    I got all the marathon games free with a magazine a couple of months back, and it even had a osx version Aleph one. There is even an abandonware site that has a version Linkety
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    I own the FIRST Marathon game--before Marathon itself came out: Pathways Into Darkness. It came with my Mac clone I think, on some CD of cheap old games.
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    I'm a huge marathon fan, be sure to play without caps lock as your run key and no mouse (now thats old school).

    A very fun game and way ahead of its time (Doom looked like Duck Hunt next to Marathon) .
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    Marathon was a great game for it's time. I wish Bungie would bring out another Marathon game with an all new graphics engine.

    Aleph One is here, and you probably need Stuffit Expander to expand the files. That can be found here.
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    Don't forget to download Rubicon, arguably the best third-party scenario money can buy (it's free).
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    Does EVIL work under Aleph One? Couldn't seem to get it to do so...
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    Yeah, although I couldn't actually use the Aleph One update. The installer is happy to update shapes, music, etc. but not the application. This is OK, except you end up with all the weapons being given the wrong name (as in the original names) but everything else works fine.
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    *getting a flashback to college*

    I have all three games and was a beta tester for the first one. I still have my old recordings from online play... wow, that was back in '94. :eek: ah more flashbacks... i had my old performa 636CD, played at 256 colours with everyother line drawn... I spent $200 on an FPU co-processor so I could play Durandal and Infinity... Ah, those were the days.... Does anyone remember... "They're everywhere!!!" then BOOM! Loved those exploding Bobs. :D

    I specifically got the last gen Powerbook so I could play my old 68k games, like Beyond Dark Castle and Pax Imperia (anyone remember that one?) :) To bad the IntelMacs don't support the old 68k apps :(
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    Here is another link to the Aleph One files and the needed original files to play the entire trilogy.

    Those are some great games; I made a couple of large scenarios for the original Marathon but have not ported them over to Aleph One so they're destined gradually fade into the oblivion of forgotten software.

    I'm actually slowly working on a total conversion for Aleph One. I guess I'm really just using the AO engine and not making a "Marathon" scenario. Maybe I'll be done in a few years!
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    You are so cool!! *reverently bows* I was really stuck in the old days and to see that Marathon lives on, totally kicks A! I'm downloading everything now. Looks like I'm going to have to take tomorrow off from work. :D
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    What a set of Games!!!! :D

    I almost failed my degree because of those games lol. I still play them from time to time. Other versions I enjoyed were Evil, Tempus Irae & Rubicon.

    I can feel myself slipping away into first person mode, "is this two pistols I see before me and a Pfhor army? cool! where did i see those yellow ammo boxes?" :D

    Happy happy memories :p
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    If I recall, the Marathon series (it was probably Marathon 2) taught me the definition of 'munted,' 'muntify' and 'muntified.'
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    Pathways and beyond

    I Have Pathways CD from MacMall as a closeout (long time ago) and then I got Marathon Inf. 2 weeks letter has a special they had. All you had to do was by any thing from the catalog and you could get the game for $3.00 (full retail version to boot).

    I was very dissapointed when Bungie was bought by Microsoft; by-by great games for the Mac only. (Only Marathon 2 made it to the PC)

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    I didn't have a Mac when I was young, and didn't learn about Bungie until Myth came along. Since then, I've been addicted. I downloaded most of the Aleph One stuff one night, but haven't gotten a chance to really try it out yet.

    By the way, Myth I, II, and III are still alive and kicking. There's an active community that has created bug fixes, extra features, new maps, and some total conversions for Myth II at www.projectmagma.net.
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    Please elaborate. I have played 2 and 3, and started the original, but can't remember any mention of "munt" in any form.
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    Oh It wasn't mentioned in the game, I was playing when I was probably 8 or 9 years old in the computer suite at primary school. Munt and all its various forms was definitly the in word. I guess its equivalent today would be 'pwn.'
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    As in: "I'll munt your munted arse, muntfood man!"? :D

    You just can't beat 1337357, pwnd, haxxor, roflmao, etc...

    ...On second thoughts, you can. It's called proper English.

    Post Status: 30 posts to go!
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    I don't think I've ever had more fun playing LANs with a game than with Marathon, it was so funny since we all played with keyboard-only and no caps and it was really funny trying to aim down to shoot rockets, you ended up killing yourself all too often :) (thinking about that put a smile in my face).

    Seeing corpses fly (and they flew pretty long with rockets aimed to the feet) was so fun, blasting people with shotguns was really funny as well and seeing the battlefield painted with piles of corpses near the end of the match was so gratifying.

    Oh good times... Marathon is too much of a good game, Halo doesn't even come close to doing it justice, Marathon also has one of the most engaging storylines I've ever experienced.

    Simply put any gamer owes to themselves to play Marathon, if you are a Halo or Bungie fan and have never played Marathon then really, shame on you.

    They're everywhere!
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    I have to ressurect this thread, because I love Marathon.

    Simply put, Doom never interested me, and I'm no gamer by any means. Yet, Marathon is entertaining and even somewhat captivating. But, it's so goddamn hard! I can't even get past the third level. I'm not giving up, though. I've never been good at FPSes, and maybe one day I'll be able to get through Marathon. *sigh* Great game, though.
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    Are you using a mouse? ;) I'm trying to remember if there is a use for a Second Click in that game. If so, I'd say two button mouse. :)

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