March Desktops 2010

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by gohome190, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Monthly Desktops Guidelines:

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    Let's have another month of great desktop sharing!

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    Here's mine for now:

    I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me how to get the text dock.
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  4. WWU
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    I want a set sooooo bad...

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    Guys, I'm serious... I desperately need this dock.

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    here is mine on my windows 7 on bootcamp

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    Dang take it easy...

    If you didn't pm the poster, pm them. If you did, be patient...
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    I know, I know... :(
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    Here's mine for the month. I had it for a few now and I cant find the original link. I'll look around see if i find it.

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    Icons, wallpaper and such was all done by me--minus the actual drawing of Kick-Ass. Let me know if you want the wall or icon .PSD.

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    about time i finally posted mine.


    edit: cant remember where i got the desktop, if anyone wants it quote me.
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    Stormy Waters? :cool:
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    Here we go - Start the month off with a little Kat Dennings action. mmm. She has by far the sexiest lips I've ever seen...the rest of her is not to bad either. Watch her in "The House Bunny" once she is made over. AMEN! :cool:

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    Here's one I just finished putting together.


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    Mine for March. From

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    The easiest way to get that dock would be to make your dock invisible and actually edit your wallpaper to have that "dock" in it... I wouldn't be surprised if that's how it was done originally actually.
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    For now, not sure where i got it from exactly sorry.

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    What a great picture. Do you have the original?
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    For keeping this for march.

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    What's even worse is that he is using ie when there is chrome ready and waiting...:D

    Anyways not my usual style for wallpaper but damn is this car hot!:eek:

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    mine ^^
    dock hiding is obviously turned on

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