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Mario Strikers Charged Football: Codes

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by takao, May 23, 2007.

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    for those who like to play some serious football ;)

    my Code
    043050 192316
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    Chances are I'll have mine on Friday, but I won't be home till Sunday. Street date seems to be broken here, a friend picked up a copy from a small game shop in Manchester. He hasn't played the GC version and says this is really hectic and fun.
    Can't wait now :)
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    the music is quite cool especially since all charakters have gotten their theme: luigi has the spanish guitar and waluigi has some banjo

    and online is quite nerve wrecking especially if it goes into over time and

    oh and you need the friend code only if you want to play with friends.. playing normal ladder games requires no code at all ...
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    So you can just turn on the game and play online? What do you mean by play with friends vs. ladder? Thats not so bad if you can just load up the game and click online play or something like that. I wonder if they will allow regions to play with other regions? I still dislike the Wii code thing though ;)

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    Sounds like Ladder will eat up my time. The convenience of just jumping onto Tetris or Mario Kart DS and going on random is pretty quick

    Has anyone played against Ian Wright yet? ;)
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    yeah you click the world bowl in the main menu and then choose which mii you would want to use (they have individual friends lists/statistics)
    it them loads the rankings etc. and then you can choose to play against friends (haven't tried that yet), or a ladder game or see the rankings of the current season (seasons last 1 week) or manage friends

    if you go for the ladder/point game you can further choose to play with a guest (so 2 player on same wii against somebody else online)
    and once you've choosen that it search for partners... and if it finds soembody it presents you with the connection status between you two (from 1 to 4 stars) and you can choose if you play against him or not

    if both are happy with the connection of the other guy it starts with a 2 out of 3 series
    1 victory gives you 10 points
    a loss gives you 1 point
    a goal gives you 1 point

    edit: so for playing online in the weekly season you just have to have a mii character on which you can save your progress

    in the statistics menu you can also watch how your friends have been doing and so
    so far i have been doing crappy with 3 wins and 5 losses but i haven't played much before hand
    charcters now have individual special moves like mario growing or peach making a photograph which freezes palyers for a few seconds etc.
    also you can choose the composition of your team with koopas, toads, shy guys individually and thsoe have special shots too
    also all charters have their own evasive maneuver instead of a generic dribble like in the first one ... adds a lot depth to the game
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    what is the music that is playing in the background when he scores ??
    I hav teried to find out but i hav no idea
    If you know or hav any ideas plz contact me at mattitude_monster@hotmail.com ty

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