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Mario Sunshine, What's to hate?!

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by twistedlegato, Jun 11, 2007.

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    I read around EVERYWHERE, and everyone hates Super Mario Sunshine.

    What's to hate? The graphics are *were* fantastic, it had excellent and creative levels, not to mention the beautiful worlds those levels took place in. It introduced new characters (Bower Jr.) and had a great story ( much better than "Mario i baked you a cake, come to my castle")

    Don't get me wrong i love SM64 but what's wrong with Sunshine?

    It is my favorite 3D mario game. Though until Galaxy that is...
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    It is a fantastic game but nostalgia amongst other things gets the better of people. It simply could not capture the magic of playing a proper 3D game for the first time with characters that had been 2D for so long. No game can do that.
    It also was not a "pure" Mario game. People wanted another 3D exploration game without any gimmick. I enjoyed the varied gameplay, actually.

    One thing though; I've always felt that the portions where the backpack was taken away were more enjoyable than the actual game. They also involved giant floating objects in space...quite like Super Mario Galaxy.
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    That sunshine word, such a horrid and hated word.
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    I liked Sunshine. Problem was that there was so little leap from 64 to Sunshine. It feels more like a "Mario 2" since it uses different gameplay from Mario 64 too.

    It's still great though. I love the music, the graphics feel all warm and cosy. Love the nighttime mushroom level. And of course the traditional platform levels! They are very well made and I'd love a Wii or DS game in that style.

    I remember when I got onto the first level and slid down that hill thinking "Wow" and feeling so happy I ate a dinner I didn't even like.
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    Couldn't agree more. I loved Super Mario Sunshine. The graphics were distinctive and beautiful and the gameplay was extremely fun.

    A lot of people called it "childish", "girly", or "gay", that I know of and refused to play it.
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    You're confusing Baby Bowser with Bowser Jr.

    Super Mario Sunshine DID introduce Bowser Jr. Baby Bowser was introduced in Yoshi's Island for SNES.

    Before people not familiar with the games ask what the difference is; Baby Bowser is simply Bowser when he was a baby. Bowser Jr. is Bowser's son.

    Frankly, I can't stand Bowser Jr.; I want my Koopalings back.
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    I liked it, wasn't great but it was good.

    Personally I found the water thing a bit "attached". I don't like how certain things were only achievable with certain nozzles or whatever. It really broke up the gameplay IMO. Another thing was that it wasn't a big improvement over M64. It was a the next gen Mario, it was supposed to be major!

    Nintendo fans were expecting what SMB 2 + 3 did to the original SMB, and what SMW was to it's predecessors and what SMW2 (yoshi's island) was to SMW, and what M64 did to revolutionize gaming... and then you hit sunshine. Everyone was like ok, there's a water thingy, yea it changed the gameplay but it was basically the same 3-d platform and added a wierd weapon. Look at every Mario game and you'll see what's wrong with Sunshine. Every Mario (direct series) was new and refreshing, gameplay wise and visually.
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    Hand to God, I just picked up this game for the first time ever last week at Gamestop. I've played it for about 30 minutes total and I can feel the rage building. But some of the rage comes from Nintendo's inability to let you skip scenes or really long speeches you really don't want to listen to (this goes for you too, Windwaker).
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    Complaining about Sunshine AND Wind Waker? I loved both.

    What long speeches? The main character didn't even talk! Contrast to games like Xenosaga with thirty-minute-long-cutscenes.
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    I can count the number of cutscenes on one hand :D skippable would be great though, I just never saw it as a problem since there were so few.

    Thing is, Mario Sunshine didn't even contain the "Mario 128 formula", there wasn't even a multiplayer mode. I've no doubt Galaxy will surpass Sunshine and hopefully give Mario 64 a run for its money. It's 1000 points money.
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    Sunshine was the first AAA Mario game that failed to live up to my expectations. I agree with jimmi that it was not much of a step up from Mario 64.

    It's still a pretty darn good game, but Sunshine lost the delicate balance of rage-inducing frustration vs. reward for accomplishment. It turned me into a quitter. First Mario game I lost my desire to finish/complete.
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    SMS is great.

    Especially loved the "classic" challenge levels. (no water pack)
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    The OP said the game introduced Baby Bowser...I said it didn't.
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    Same here. Super Mario Sunshine was great (my favourite game on the GameCube).

    The classic challenges were so fun - many people (myself included) wished that Nintendo released a "classic challenge" game only.
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    I think it could have been a better game with no water pack and more "classic". It's still really fun though.
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    Just some small confusion, i dont understand all the "rage" everyone gets:confused:
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    I'm not going to lie....I've never played Mario Sunshine! So I had NO idea what I was talking about. I looked it up on Wikipedia...I'm not raging, I'm just bored, so I'm nitpicking(sp?)
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    Zap2, you should be bound, chained and whipped. Not for not playing MarioSunshine, I mean just for fun ;) :D

    Seriously though I am surprised, I like the game - I still play it on my Wii, whilst eagerly waiting Mario Galaxy sometime in the next 4 years :p
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    I just wish there was a little switch in my brain where i could forget everything about a game, so when i re-play it, it is just as fun as the first time i played it
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    I agree with the OP, i love Super Mario Sunshine. It was great and a refreshing change from the stereotypical "Mario World." I think people do not like change and so because you collected "Shines Sprites" instead of "Stars" and had a jetpack that people disliked those new elements.

    If games don't try new things they get old and i applaud Nintendo for spicing up the franchise. You'll never please everyone but hey it sold well so im thinking they aren't too worried. Plus Mario has such a cult following i don't think too many people got scared off of Mario games just yet :p
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    We all wish for that. There's nothing better than the first time
    unless your a male, and then the first time is usally a bitter dissapointment
    ;) :p
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    i personally love the game. i agree that it was a bit of a letdown after 64, but still great. i would give it 9/10 easily. only major complaint would be that the game world felt a bit small compared to 64.

    mario has never let me down.:)
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    Mario in Time ? Mario Paint ? Mario Sodomy ? I may have made the last one up.. ;) :D
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    I tried playing this.. (if this is indeed the game where you go around trying to hose off oily spots and attempt to collect big gold coins).

    I just couldn't get the hang of the movements and whatnot. :eek: But then again, I'm really crap at video games. Like, just downright terrible. :eek:

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