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Massive OS X Security Hole

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by OutThere, Apr 27, 2004.

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    Earlier today I closed the lid of my laptop, and it went to sleep. When I came back and wanted to use my computer again, I opened the lid and waited for the password dialog to come up. Once it was up I put in my password and hit return, only to see my password displayed in plain text in the box where it had just been as bullets. As I rummaged around for a digital camera (you can't take screenshots on the password dialog), I forgot that my computer would go to sleep in a few minutes, and it went to sleep without me able to take a picture. I am unsure of what caused this to happen, but it was definitely there, and it is definitely a bad thing. I felt that it should be posted here, and I was also wondering where I would be able to submit a report to Apple so that they might be able to fix it. Thanks.
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    Hmm, that's very odd. Must be due to some sort of anomaly more than a widespread bug. Nevertheless, it's still not good. Submit your feedback here.
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    Has it happened before or since?

    Reminds me of a class in college where the prof thought he was in the password field when he was in the username field, and he typed his password on the overhead display for all the students to see.... D'OH!
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    baby duck monge

    that is pretty weird, though i have never seen it happen before. i guess for now just make sure not to type in your PW in front of other people. i mean, presumably it's ok if you see your own because you typed it in, you just have to watch out around others.
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    That happened to me once. Back in the 10.2 days.
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    submit them the feedback.
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    Something weird happened like that before, in which my Rendezvous iChat username was set to my password, but I never had the text field suddenly go plain text on my ass.

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