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Materials what the.. !?!?!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Victor ch, Sep 8, 2007.

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    Victor ch


    Is it me or moving the Nanos and making the Touch of this weird old shinny metal in the back not smart?? I mean, this metal has been going for years and its time to get rid of it and use the ones in the 2G nanos or the back of the iPhone. I don't understand why they use it is sooooo vulnerable to scratches I learned my lesson with my 3G iPod and now my 5.5G iPod is impeccable because Im obsessive taking care of it, and i hate scratches also I heard from a lot of people that the 2G nanos barely scratches. I hope that the touch since it will not look good covered by something (cases) changes to the anodized aluminum in the back before shipping time. Is not smart is it??

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    The only part of the iPhone that is reasonably vulnerable to scratches is the chrome, I have no scratches on the back at all. The back on the iPods however (at least 5.5G and before) are scratch magnets.
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    I think there's 2 reasons why they've reintroduced it:

    1) It's identifiable as an ipod, as it's across all the main lines.

    2) It will scratch over time, therefore giving a visual indicator to owner's that it's time to upgrade after it gets pretty scratched up.

    The 2nd gen nano won't scratch, and therefore will look newer for longer and I think this goes against Apple's planned obsolesence for the ipod line.

    edit- In addition, they have a new 'feature' they can claim when the next nano and ipod touch come out with an all aluminium covering 'now scratch free, more durable!'
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    Victor ch


    Magnets indeed.

    But why cant they make it all of the same material? Honestly they look better and also if taking apart is so important cant they make it two parts of that beautiful anodized aluminum? is it much more expensive?

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    Victor ch

    Good point, but can they also be identifiable if the rear will be slightly different?
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    And because it's scratched, it's re-sale value will decrease, meaning people are more likely to want to buy a new one as opposed to second hand, which mean Apple sell more.
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    Victor ch

    Hmmm. I guess thats why then :rolleyes:
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    Yup that too.

    I am getting an invisibleshield with my touch, I think it's the best option for the chromed rear.

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