MatLab cutting off my JPG's of Plots

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by GimmeSlack12, Jul 8, 2006.

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    Hey all the text in my outputted plots are getting cut in half, and basically making my plots unreadable in MatLab 7.1 R14 SP3.

    The only output that works is to PDF, and it is anything but efficient to have to convert PDF's to JPG's.

    Any idea?
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    do u use matlab under windows with bootcamp / parallels or did you find a way to run matlab under osx?
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    After G

    Sounds like OS X, as I don't think Windows has PDF output ...


    1) Take screenshots and use them to make your jpegs.
    2) Use Automator to convert PDFs to JPEG if you're using OS X 10.4.
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    I use X11 to run MatLab in OS X. I've just resorted to using PDF's and then creating JPG's. I create a large number of plots and therefore using Automator is not really an option because it is so slow. I suppose I need to get a good uninstall, and reinstall of MatLab and go from there.
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    i also tried with X11 but after the matlab logo shows up nothing happens. doenst fully launch.

    do you know whats wrong?
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    How are you launching the program? Through X11? Cause I just have an application for MatLab that once opened opens X11 and proceeds to bounce for a while. Then stops, and then after a minute or two the splash screen appears and everything loads up. It's kind of odd, but it works.

    You get the splash screen and then nothing? I don't really have any suggestions, but can you try installing MatLab through OS X? Although I'd imagine you have done that. Are you using Tiger? Perhaps Panther (10.3) doesn't behave the same way.
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    what sort of "application" do you have there?

    jepp, i installed through osx and that worked quite fine.
    i run 10.4.7
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    It is just an Apple Applicaton. From what I can tell though it is a launcher, and something else opens up that is used by X11. Because once I open MatLab another icon pops up and that is the program that is used. Sorry I can't be much more specific.
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    Splash screen block

    Hello, I have the same problem, i run matlab with X11 under tiger, and the matlab icon vibrate the introdction splash picture arrives but then it blocks, please help me. thanks
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    Are you opening up an X11 terminal and then navigating and running matlab from that? Sounds like GimmeSlack12 has his configured to first open up X11 and then run. I know my version from school doesn't do this. It starts to load and then just stops. I need to run it from X11.
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    MATLAB font export solution

    I think I have the same experience with exporting plots in MATLAB- the plot looks fine when its created but when you save as a graphic (e.g., .tif) all of the text is cut off or chopped. Sometimes I even see it before the export. I found that if I change the font from Helvetica (which is default) to Arial, the text exports fine. That is probably a clue, but I haven't gotten any deeper into it. I just started adding 'FontName','Arial' to all the plot code.
    My previous workaround was to "Copy Figure" and then use "New from Clipboard" in Preview.
    Also, have you seen the MATLAB "Export Setup" dialog box? I didn't know about it until recently. You can set options like size and font. Its a quick way to change all the fonts in your plot in one step.
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    What if annotation uses Symbols?

    Thanx mhopeng, but I often use symbols for annotations and these get cut-out.

    text(0.5, 0.1,'Red lines show model X \mu+/-\sigma.','fontsize',6,'BackgroundColor',[1 1 1])

    I tried adding a character (space or dot), but the symbol is still cut-out. Never had this problem in Windows.

    Any suggestion?

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