Matt Groening's Apple Brochure

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    Link: Matt Groening's Apple Brochure
    Description:: Check out this neat Apple Brochure, designed for students by Simpsons & Futurama creator Matt Groening. The drawings within this brochure remain © Matt Groening. Presented and hosted by macTV.

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    Wow, fun! :) Was this actually made when the computers in it were current? What's the history of this document?
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    :D I seem to recall seeing this once before and it is contemporary with the Macs.

    Perfectly true though. I bought my first Mac because the thought of having to remember DOS commands made me shudder...
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    Too cool.
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    I also remember the Apple poster "Bongo's Dream Dorm," also by Matt Groening, around 1990 or so.
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    They had all that stuff in my campus bookstore when I was a freshman in college in 1988, before I even owned a Mac. Being a huge Life In Hell fan back then, I stocked up on everything. Unfortunately, I don't have the "Bongo's Dream Dorm" posters anymore (supposedly they are worth a mint!), but I think I do have a couple of the booklets filed away somewhere...

    Thanks for making me feel old. :eek:
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    I was 6 months old when this was made... And now I'm going off to college with my iMac :]
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    [see image 22]

    kinda looks like every student's desk. ya know, coffee, apple computer, marijuana cigarette.. what! :rolleyes:
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    Is Matt groening a Mac fan? The Simpsons seem to often refer to Macs, but in an indirect way. I remember one episode where homer starts up a computer to the sound of the familiar Mac 'chimes'.
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    yep. copyrighted august 1989.
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    But I think they came out sooner than that, as I recall having those materials my freshman year of college (Sept 1988-June 1989).
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    Link not working :

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    The requested URL /featured/groening.php was not found on this server.
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    probably because the link was from a year ago....but i really wanted to see it, too. ;)
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