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matt screen film or glass removal

Discussion in 'iMac' started by curvephotograph, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Hi, I've read quite a lot about the glossy screens on iMacs and advice offered has been to use a 3m matt film product or remove the glass from the front.

    Is anyone actually using either of those 2 methods successfully with their iMac?

    The 3m matt film sounds like it might be awkward to fit without airbubbles etc and might affect sharpness/colour etc

    Removing the glass from the front could make the screen vulnerable when using things like calibrator devices that need to sit on the screen to work, I don't care what it looks like BTW

    Power and features wise the i7 iMac is all the computer I need but need a matt screen is no good for me. I will splurge on a macpro and monitor but its just more than I need and so would prefer the saving
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    Personally, I wouldn't even consider removing the glass. If you were to damage the display you would be looking at a rather expensive replacement (not covered under warranty).:(

    Try this: http://www.radtech.us/Products/ClearCal-Displays.aspx

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