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Maximizing battery life on a new 4G iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by alexf, Oct 31, 2005.

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    I am about to get a new (refurbished) 30GB 4th Gen. iPod (color screen), and was wondering if there is anything that I should do to maximize the battery life before using it.

    In other words, should I plug it in for 24 hrs before first use (as I was instructed to do with my cell phone), let battery completely drain the first time I use it, etc.?

    Thanks for any advice.
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    You probably won't need to plug it in for a full charge on first use, but one rule of thumb is to always wear the battery down as much as you can before doing a full charge. As opposed, to say, charging it everytime the battery meter goes down one notch. Otherwise, keep it away from extreme temperatures. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the battery on the 4G, I know I was.
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    Thanks for the advice. So this is NOT the kind of battery which should be "calibrated" at the beginning, like I understand some cell phone batteries should be?
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    AFAIK refurbs come with used batteries. Thus you can't treat it as new even tho it's new to you. Anyway if you leave it charging for 24 hours, will do no harm, since the charge will automaticly stop once fully charged. And as MmmPancakes suggested, draining the battery fully before recharging is the best way to prolong it's life.

    BTW how much did it cost?
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    it's unlikely the battery isn't "new" per se, but its my understanding Apple has checked it to be in factory condition, as with the rest of your iPod's components, so it's in new condition and performs as a new battery. It will also be covered by the standard 1-year warranty, as a "new" iPod would, also.

    Apple refurb is awesome.
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    Actually, I expect that the iPod will actually be new, even though Apple sells it as a refurb. This is often the case with previous models (at least that is my understanding). I have heard that, sometimes even with current models, iPods ordered refurbished actually show up new instead of in a refurb box.

    In any case, even if it is refurbished, the battery may be new (I know that often refurbs have a mixture of new and used parts) and thus I will treat it as a new battery. However, from what I have now gathered here, there really is no battery "break in" process anyway, so I guess it really doesn't matter...

    It was $249. I think there are more left, if you're interested.
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    Guess I was wrong about the battery, but luckily that didn't misslead you in any way.
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    No, actually, you might be right - the battery might be used; however, I suspect it will be new...

    Thanks for the input.
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    Thought I would give everyone an update (in case you care)...

    My 4th generation refurbished iPod just arrived. I still can't believe how quickly it came - less than 24 hours after I ordered it online from the Apple Store, and I chose the free (ground) shipping option!

    In any case, it is in a refurbished box, but it looks brand new. In fact, it looks like it has never even been used... Very strange, as from my experience, every time an iPod is even touched, a mark seems to be left behind. Perhaps this really is a brand new unit, for some reason sold in a refurbished box at a refurbished price. :confused:
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    I could be an ex-display stock. Or someone's "unwanted gift" that has returned it:eek: or the chasis may be changed by Apple with a brand new one. In any case you got your self a good deal :)

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