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Maximum length of lyrics on 5G iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by micha10589, Apr 11, 2006.

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    Hi, I was wondering how much lyrics text is stored / can be displayed on the 5G iPod. Is there a limit as there is with notes? I've counted one of my song lyrics in lines and it was almost 70 lines of text.

    Has anyone encountered incomplete (transfer of) lyrics on the iPod 5G?
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    Dont think there will be a limit, not one that you would reach with song lyrics anyway. Text is small in terms of memory space so there would be no point having a limit.
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    mad jew

    Could you paste in a large document such as an essay to get a rough estimation of the iPod's limitations? :)
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    It's at least 829 lines long

    Don't worry about the limit
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    I read I think in the AtomicParsley source that it is 255 simply due to a bug in iTunes?? I'll have to confirm that later...

    Edit: here we go
    not sure if this applies to the lyrics field or not...
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    Well unless 5000 characters can be expressed in 255 bytes, I think this is unlikely, as it worked fine for me.;)
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    let me guess... u were born on october 5th, 1989 and ur name is "micha".
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    OK, that settles that :)
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    Ok, I won't! Thanks.
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    let me guess... u were born on october 6th, 1985 and ur name is "sam".
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    U know i haven't put any lyrics in my itunes...i guess i got something to do on the weekend.

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    u guessed right... but SHHH... it's a secret.
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    iPod Lyrics Maximum Length

    On my iPod Nano 3g running iPod software v1.1 and using iTunes v7.6, I pasted a large pure text file into the lyrics tab of a song (tried both MP3 and AAC versions). Full file size was 15,841 bytes, 15,793 characters (with spaces). The entire file shows up in iTunes after pasting. However, after syncing with iPod, only a portion of the lyrics (text) are displayed. For the MP3 song file, the iPod displays an amount of text which equates to a text file of 10,236 bytes or 10,204 characters (with spaces). For the AAC song file, displayed size is 10,241 bytes or 10,209 characters.

    My understanding is that the id3v2 tag frames can hold up to 16 MB each. Does anyone understand why display of the lyrics frame data on the iPod is being limited to only about 10K?
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    Maximum length of lyrics in AAC file on Iphone 3g v3.1.2

    Just in case anyone has wondered...

    I have gotten 20,611 characters (no spaces) with spaces 35,804. Comes right up on my phone. Its great since I insert reference info for audio books as lyrics.

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