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May 11, 1999: Apple Announces the G4

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 11, 2006.

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    Yep and in October of that year they introduced a 50 MHz speed drop... ;)

    The G4 was gr8 when it came out. AGP graphics (too bad the ATi Rage 128 was put in...), and a nice colour too.
    Too bad the 500 MHz barrier was only broken about 18 months later...

    Unbelievable really, that its successor only came out 4 years later. :eek:
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    Man, i'm still using a G4, I didnt know it was introd in 99
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    Still selling Macs witth a chip from 8 years ago... ya we needed intel!:eek: :rolleyes:
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    There's still life in the G4. I just had a 1.92Ghz chip installed in my 15" Powerbook G4. Quite a tune-up from the previous 1Ghz chip.
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    The G4's outlasted the G5's, probably because the G5 couldn't go portable and now we are going to Intel. Don't get me wrong, the G5 is awesome, it just was too HOT to be portable.

    It is a scary thought, to think that apple has had the G4 for so long.

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