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May 4, 1998: The Apple Logo Evolves

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 4, 2006.

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    Well, the current one is cool, but I like a bit of retro every now and then.
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    The old one is very dated - I wonder if they considered keeping the rainbow, but going for the modern, shiny effect?
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    Ironically, the Think Different ad campaign...

    ...wouldn't have worked nearly as well, visually, if they had abandoned the rainbow version earlier.

    What I mean by this is that the whole concept had stark black-and-white posters of famous people contrasted by the full-color rainbow Apple logo in the corner. If the logo had been a solid color (especially black or white itself), it wouldn't have stood out nearly as well.
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    The current white one is a bit austere. I like the rainbow one, it seems to have a bit more character to it.
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    I miss the rainbow one, it had a nice double-meaning for some people...
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    Some of them did employ the one colour logo though.
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    I don't think it's the wisest fiscal practice to frequently alter an company logo. The cost of all the store marquees, office billboards, letter-head etc; but the launch of a major new product (line) or ad campaign can certainly be an effective time to update the signature image of the company. Personally, I'm happy with the current logo. I know that others are not, but I don't think there are potential customers out there saying, "Gee, I'd buy a Mac but their logo is so uninspiring."
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    I like the current one better...

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    I miss the rainbow one! It was sort of unique, stood out. The current one is little more pro somehow.
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    apple logo

    personally, i dont care what kind of logo is stamped on my machine just so long as it runs apple goodness on the inside. but i have to admit, i think i like the modern one better, if they could give it a bit of a 3d feel, i think it might be sweeta.
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    I think both had their place. A return to the rainbow logo will come one day, but I think a few other changes are on the cards first. There is rarely a standard colour scheme these days, but every year or two, the main colours are changed a little. After several more of these, I think a return to the rainbow logo may one day come. I can but dream.

    If Steve Jobs has anything to do with it though, it won't be back for some time, if at all. Even those things he put in place before leaving Apple he has/is slowly removing. I wouldn't hold my breath, but I will look forward to hopefully winning my ebay bid on a Newton and admiring many more products with rainbow apples on them for years to come.

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