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Desktop May Desktops 2010

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by upaymeifixit, May 1, 2010.

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    June Desktops 2010 - uPaymeiFixit
    Wallpaper by CezarisLT
    December Desktops 2009February Desktops 2010March Desktops 2010April Desktops 2010May Desktops 2010
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    No customization for me...


    I don't have the original link to the wallpaper, but it should be on dA somewhere.
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    No update really

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    Oldie but goodie. :)
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    A flooded motorway underpass from a couple of summers ago, there are cars and a bus under the water to give you an idea of how deep it actually was.

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    Swapping between these two:

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    •Geektool scripts for the dock background and info displays
    •Dock icons from Deviant Art - Mica_folders_by_antikkia
    •Wallpaper Link
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    Dude you just posted this like 2, 3 days ago.
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    On my MBP.

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    Nothing New for me. Just updated this in the last couple days of April

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    Clearly we needed to see it again....and as a MASSIVE image :eek:
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    upaymeifixit, kudos on your music choice! I love Big Daddy Weave!
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    Link to the originals?
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    Reppin Chuck! Best show on TV!

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    my desktop and my ipad one

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    can i ask what the duck icon is?
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    Go CAVS!
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    My current internet crush... :D


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    Link for the desktop one? Thanks!
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    From a rotating folder of images.

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    <3 <3

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