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May Desktops

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by richard.mac, Apr 30, 2008.

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    its now May in Australia so i thought id start off this months desktops thread.

    heres mine for this month.

    click for full size (1920x1200)
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    Haha its still April here in US....but nice wallpaper :D
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    Two different months? Oh my.....
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    here's my new wallpaper....yay!

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    We got another two days here in the U.S. so I'll wait to post mine.
    Edit: one day* jeez time goes fast now-a-days.
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    haha yep we are 16 hours ahead of the US… hey i got Leopard early! :D
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    I am using this at the moment

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  9. Mal
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    Don't actually have a screenshot to post, but I'm using a cycle of all of the images from Despair.com for my desktop background right now. Very amusing, and many are quite poignant as well.

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    For a few days at least.

    Yes I cleaned up my desktop just for the shot.:p
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    Got a new wallpaper to match my new car.

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    There a guy who loves his car!

    Look, you even changed the HD icon!

    Enjoy the car :)
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    Not May here yet, but this will be up come May 1st. I change mine weekly sometimes.

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    My boat warming up before a race

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    Forgive a stupid question, but are there desktop-size images somewhere on this site? Hilarious. I spent a few minutes looking around for wallpaper versions, but then the demotivational messages eventually wore me down and inspired me to do the lazy: ask someone else for the answer. :D
  17. Mal
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    I wish! :( No, I'm just using the regular images they put up, and I did enlarge them 150% just so they weren't too small to read, though it made them not the best quality. I'm hoping they'll release them, and I saw a claim that there was a screensaver too, but I couldn't find it. If I could, I could've extracted the images from it, possibly, but no such luck.

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    Mine... waiting for october...

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    Got two monitors...Macbook + external CRT. The one is Trent Reznor in his studio with someone who is now a bald eagle...and the other is a teacher of our's, and his political solicitation :D

    Edit: Here's the link to the Trent Reznor one (original)

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    Took this desktop photo myself... in my backyard

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    That's a nice one. I've been getting tired of all the grass/plant desktops out there, but this one has nice composition; really good job!
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    Some Superbike racing this month from Bikewalls.com

    Another Month, Another desktop, Works Kawasaki rider Shinya Nakano.

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    Mine for the month:

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    Link please.
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    Everybody loves a bit of wood!

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