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Mayfair Mall or Bayshore Mall, Brookfield/Bayshore, WI

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by wnxgenral, Jun 16, 2010.

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    After getting screwed yesterday. I am not taking any chances. Going the day before at like 6-7PM, I want to be first. Anyone else with me? I'll do bayshore as well but I want to be FIRST.
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    Got one on Reserve @ Mayfair so not sure if it's worth waiting in line for. Granted, they could have over-reserved but I think I'll take my chances and go in a bit later.
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    I'll be there too !

    I got at Mayfair last summer before 7AM and I had around 50 in front of me. The store staff was helping the line before the store opened. We even got free Altera coffee. Once the store opened, the line moved fairly quick and I got my 3GS in less then an hour. Not a single issue.
    I believe it will be harder at this time due to the growing popularity, we'll see :apple:
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    i hope to be joining. I have one on pre order but have to be at work in Brookfield by 8am :confused:
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    A friend and I will be at Bayshore, but not until early morning. I'm thinking around 4am so I only have to go 1 hour without coffee (Caribou opens at 5am).
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    I'm pretty excited, never done anything like this before. My family/coworkers think I'm nuts to do this over a phone lol. I just tell them it's an Apple thing. I think I'm going to Bayshore at around 3 or 4 AM. Do you guys thing there'll be big crowds then? I don't care about being # 1,2,3, etc. I just want my phone in time to be at work by 8:45 AM lol.
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    where do we wait at Mayfair

    I wasn't able to get the phone delivered but managed to get a reservation when ordering.

    My question is where are we going to be waiting. Inside the mall or outside? Think the forecast is for dryness after all this rain. So if outside, don't think it'll be too bad.

    Any ideas?

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    My friend and I are going to get to Mayfair about 6am... we both have our phones on preorder and have gotten the email confirmation that they will be at the store for us.

    I hope the storms let up for you people waiting outside at Bayshore.

    I can't wait to facetalk my friend in the store right away.
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    I'll be going to mayfair around 5-6.

    Anyone want to meetup? I really don't want to wait to go and wait by myself.
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    I'm thinking now about getting up early and going to be there around 5-6. Not sure it will happen, depends on if my wife will mind getting the kids up, etc.
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    Since the AT&T store is delaying the launch, count me in for a Mayfair meetup as well. Not sure how early to go, as I have nothing reserved. Hope they unlock the main entrance first. I'd hate to spend all that time waiting at the "wrong" set of doors.:eek:

    Is that AM or PM?
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    anyone know which entrance to wait at for mayfair?
    after googling around, the only entrance that opens at 6 AM is the "professional building." Can anyone confirm this?
    heading this with a party of 5
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    I went to Mayfair 2 years ago for the 3G launch and they had people waiting in the parking garage and then let people into another line inside by groups of like 10. I have no idea if this is how it will work this year.

    Oddly, I just called Bayshore to ask if anyone started waiting yet and the employee said lines cannot form until 3am. This sounds like complete BS to me. My friend is calling to see if he gets the same line.
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    Just confirmed it. Apparently people have tried getting in line already, but the mall won't allow it until 3am. It sounds ridiculous since the "mall" is outside and I don't think security could prevent people from standing outside (as long as they're over 18 and not effected by curfew laws). IDK. Just passing it along... If you'll be at Bayshore, I'll see you bright and early!
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    Mayfair Lines

    So I just called the Apple Store at Mayfair, apparently the doors to the mall open at 6, and you may enter then to wait by the store.

    Per mall security, you are not allowed allowed to wait outside the mall, and if you are, apparently you're gonna get booted.

    Double edged sword..... I get to sleep in a bit more, but I don't get to wait as long.
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    Planning on being at Bayshore Mall at 6:00 A.M.

    Should this be early enough to guarantee an iPhone 4 purchase?
    Does anyone know what the lines have been like in the past at this store?
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    May have to do a little recon mission to Bayshore at 3 to scope the line. Mayfair's security policy (no lines before doors open) may turn it into more of a clusterfvck than it's worth.
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    None of us are guaranteed, unfortunately! I was at Bayshore for the original iPhone and iPhone 3G and I don't remember anyone being turned away, but I definitely didn't stick around after my purchase was complete. Last year my 3Gs was delivered, so no clue. If the app will work, I will update via Line Snob. If the app won't work, I'll try to hop on here and update so just check back!
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    Just got to Bayshore. Apparently the 3am line was BS because the line already wraps around Chicos. If you're coming, get here ASAP!
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    Any one at Mayfair yet? Does any one know if apple store will have walk in iphone 4's for sure?
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    50 or more of us at Bayshore. Damn, glad I didn't wait until 3:00
    Update: at three, employees will take a headcount to compare against stock.
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    How's the weather out there? Any one heading to Mayfair let me know what's happening there with the lines please.
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    Coool and breezy. No rain yet! Line is growing across the "street" to Orvis.
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    If you have the time and willing-ness upload a pic or two so I can see what I am missing. Thanks.

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