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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by AMDGAMER, Jul 1, 2013.

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    My macbook air is a 2011 model, out of warranty, and has a broken display from a drop. Rest of the unit is fine, no damage, works connected to external display.

    Question is: Do I have this replaced? Or am I better off buying a new macbook air? How much is this going to cost? Do I just walk into apple store and have them repair it? How long might it take?
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    Here in the uk it cost £400 to replace my 2012 screen it took 3 days to repair all depsneds if they have the part in stock and how busy the store is.

    You have to book appointments at the Genius Bar in advance.
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    might be better off just buying a new 11" 2013 vs repairing this machine. its too much 150-250 bucks its fine but everywhere I look with shipping etc it 400-500 brand new 2013 is 999

    Is this type of repair a do it yourself option?
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    i'd definitely make an appointment with them and see what they say. we can't tell you about time as that will depend on what your store does and more likely where your store is as they'll be shipping it out. i've had everything from 1 hour to 2 week turn around on repairs over the years.

    as for price, my guess is you're looking at anywhere from $300 to $800 depending on what they have to do.

    I've dropped plenty of macbooks...one thing that you have to be wary of is the logic board...they have a nasty habit of not breaking right away. something to consider when you're doing the "do i pay for this repair or buy a new one" math in your head... it's like what happens when you help your buddy move his weight set on monday and then throw your back out picking up your shoes on Tuesday morning.
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    decided to fix my macbook pro (2008) new keyboard for 100 bucks delivered, then install using ifixit guide and tools I ordered.

    The repair on the Air isnt worth it, you are right, its 3 years old, and who knows after I spend 300-600 if smethign else will go. Better off looking into a new air.

    Lesson learned...get apple care.

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