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MB Air - Speed of SSD?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by madamimadam, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Hi guys,
    there is a lot of talk about how the 64GB SSD is faster than the 1.8" PATA drive (probably not a big feat) but does anyone know the read and write speeds of the drive?
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    its faster because there are no moving parts, or anything. It can access data quicker.
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    Well ddduuuuuhhhhhh
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    actually wondering the same thing...

    bump for an answer.

    i am wondering how close the Macbook air w/ the SSD is to an instant-on machine, like turning on a television. whats the start up time of the 80GB drive and the SSD? :confused:
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    As soon as it starts shipping, XBench should give pretty definitive answers. I don't think anyone has tested it yet, though.

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    No answers on this yet. None are available on the floor at Macworld, and the staff have not been given any stats on things like this. Boot time is the one I'm most interested in.
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    This link may answer some of your questions. I think it mentioned something about a 30sec boot and compares it to a 5400rpm drive.
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    This is what the Dell rep told me about their sdd.

    They read fast write slow, the reason is because a sdd has a finite amount of times you can write to a spot and then you can't write to it any longer.

    so when you write data, it not only looks at the entire disk to find an open space, but then it sees how many times a 'sector' has been written to, after that process is when it actually writes the data.

    I know it was a dell rep, but he was talking sdd tech, not computer technology
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