MBA 11in vs. Lenovo x100e

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by radek42, Feb 10, 2011.

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    Could anybody comment on performance of these two machines? There is already a thread on x200/x201 vs MBA, but not much info regarding x100e (dual core).

    I know lenovo comes with a slow HDD, but I am more interested in cpu performance. It also seems that hd3200 video card is not as good as 330m, but for my purposes it should be more than enough (I only plan to run PS from time to time).

    Thanks in advance. R>
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    its hard to compare the 2 considering the air is exactly twice as much money. I can tell you that the x100e runs extremely hot. some have said even uncomfortable to have on your lap hot. the amd chip in this machine is not as cool and a intel ulv. the 11 inch air runs ice cold and 0 noise since it runs so cool. the lenovo x100e is loud because the heat always has the fan cranked up trying to keep it cool. the air weighs roughly half of what the lenovo does. performance wise the air eats the x100e for breakfast. faster duel core cpu + screaming fast solid state storage and really good video card.

    the issue is what you wanna pay. the lenovo is like half the money so if it does what you need how much better the air is wont matter.
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    Actually the x100e will be phased out in about 5 days and replaced by a much improved x120e with the AMD fusion platform.

    As a macbook air 11.6 owner and soon to be owner of a HP DM1Z based on the same chipset, here are my observations.

    1. Ultimate config of the MBA will be faster in terms of CPU and GPU
    2. MBA is less than 1/2 as thick, and weighs 1 lb less.
    3. MBA will cost at least, 500-800$ more depending on the config.
    4. Fusion chipset will have a longer battery life based on current reviews and comparions probably by about ~10%

    I love my 11.6 ultimate 1.6 4gb ram config, but it cost 1399+tax for that config. To be honest, I'm a little concerned about bringing it to some of the bad parts of town where I work for the next 4 months. It kinda says "mug me".

    The DM1Z I purchased (same specs basically as the x120e) is a bit heavier and larger, but cost me 419+tax for 1.6ghz dual core + radeon 6310 + 3gb ram + 320gb HD. I plan to buy a 100$ 64gb sandforce SSD to put in, basically making my costs about 520$+tax. After 4 months when I am done using it, I will give it to my fiance to replace her atom based netbook for primary use. This current chip runs cool, and has a advertised 9.5hour battery life, (yeah right, read 6 hour). This setup will be a little slower than the MBA for sure, but probably close to the base 1.4ghz 2gb ram 64gb ssd level, but about 1/2 the cost.

    Basically it's not a direct comparison between the 2 by any means, but the new zacate chips from AMD appear to do quite well in terms of power + performance.
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    Thanks for your observations. I did not realize that x100e runs so much warmer. I guess it makes sense since it has nearly twice tdp compared to air.
    Cheers, R>
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    I heard about it, but I was not sure when the new chip makes its way to the lenovo line up. I also heard that sandy bridge is coming to x2xx series which makes it quite interesting as well.

    I do like airs form factor; it's way easier to slip into your bag than 1in thick laptop/netbook. Of course, you pay for that :)

    It will be really interesting to see the new AMD+ssd combo ... I might be just what doctor ordered :)

    Ultimately, I am still deciding between 11in and 13in weighting in size, performance and price.

    Thanks for useful info.
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    Should be any time now that the Lenovo gets the x120e out the door.

    Sadly my air is not as thin as it could be. I'm a little paranoid about damage or any marks etc so I put it into a zeroshock case, then into my laptop bag lol.

    The SB chips are obviously a whole different class all together in terms of performance. Also in terms of price. I don't think we'll see a think tiny SB lappy for less than 1 grand.

    The AMD+SSD is what the doctor ordered lol... literally. I'm a little excited about the new computer in the sense that I won't feel the need to baby it as much. If people are interested I'll post a comparison between the 2 when I get it.

    As for 11 vs 13 etc, it's about how big of a screen you need. I can use a 11.6for most things, but I don't use it at home really, and I don't think I can do it without feeling cramped. Then again I use dual 23 inch monitors for my desktop at home. My 13 inch mbp would do better in terms of screen size but it sits and does nothing except for sync itunes, so that is sad, but performance wise the air feels alot snappier, but it's only due to the SSD.
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    The only product that I think that can compete with Air from Lenovo is IdeaPad U260, which features the same Li-Polymor battery, meaning same 1000 cycles and more battery life on a single charging. The only weakness currently is the intel graphic card. If it get updated with SB I think I might get one
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    The U260 looks interesting. However, it does not appear on the Canadian site :-( R>
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    I can see that :)

    If the performance and form factor is right I'll get one.

    I'd really like to see AMD doing well. It seems to me that they are pretty good in balancing price/performance, but I'd like to see faster (and more expensive) options as well to challenge intel.

    Sure, comparison/review would be great!

    Frankly, I think 13in will be much better working machine (I plan to use it as my main computer), but I am attracted by smaller and lighter models for more comfortable commuting. Decisions.

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    I would agree. But I already had a 13 inch mbp, so a 13 inch air wasn't as appealing at that point. 4.5 lbs sounds light, but toting around all day + adapter etc was heavier than I initially thought.

    Main comp wise I would probably do 13. The problem is the old C2D as a main comp when the second gen core i series is out. It's "good enough" but that's about all you can say for it and for that price. As a high end 4gb 13 inch ultimate would run 1800$ It would be quite hard for me to justify that for the cost.

    For that kind of pricing and 13 inch size, I'd probably end up going for a sony Z at that point. Granted it's thicker, but the much faster proc and video would certainly make it more of a main machine.
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    the x120e looks amazing personally. Zacate is freakin' awesome.
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    Got MBA 11 inch 1.6GHZ/4GB/128 SSD for 1060 dollars plus 6% tax.

    It was refurbished, but who cares. It's impossible to tell the difference between new and refurbished. Couldn't be happier.
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    Look into the dm1z as well. I recently bought one and love it.
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    i have both. the mba is faster, lighter, and last longer on a charge. it's just more expensive but everything about it is better than the x100e.
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    It looks interesting (specs-wise), but I not a big fan of HP; just bad experience. I cannot see myself using one :) I'll wait for a lenovo update and see.
    Cheers, R>
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    I suspect you x100e still runs 4200rpm hdd. Is that right?
    I know battery lasts longer in MBA, but one can carry spare for lenovo (I know, more weight).
    I looks like in this case you indeed get what you pay for ...

    Thanks for sharing, R>

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