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MBA 13" 128 4GB = $1309.xx

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Starlights, Feb 9, 2011.

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    I recently got my MBA 13" 128 / 4GB and this is how I was able to get the lowest price delivered:

    Macmall is selling it for $1359 with no tax for most states.

    But to order, first go through Fatwallet.com - they have a 3% Rebate on Macmall (Need to be Registered with FW ) which will save you further $40 - Though the rebate will show up within a couple of days, you get the money after a month or two. http://www.fatwallet.com/coupons-cash-back/MacMall/

    I am not affiliated to either of the two sites but have been a member at FW since 5-6 yrs and have always got my rebate.

    Total cost delivered to most states for the above (new) MBA = $1309

    Similar discounts can be had on other models as well - this is what i bought in Dec so i am sharing that. Just remember to click through FW link to get the rebate.
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    I tried the link to macmall - it shows as $1318 - and then changes to 1359.xx in the cart! :confused:

    If this would work, then i would add it to cart at $1318 and then go through FW to get further 3% rebate - THAT would be a killer price ! - too bad i already bought mine :)
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    macmall charges tax in New york :( is there a place like macmall where i can buy MBA with no tax to New york?
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    Just tried the FatWallet deal with the AppleInsider deal and the FatWallet deal didn't work.
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    If you did it right, check back into your account at FW in 2-3 days - the rebate will show up (its not instant)

    Here is how it showed up in my FW account a couple of days later: 12/14/2010 MacMall Affiliate Advantage Network $1,359.00 $40.77 Reported
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    cant you get 5% from shopdiscover and 3% from FW too ?
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    Omg the prices you pay in the states for a Mac are ridiculously low compared to here in Denmark (Scandinavia / Europe). ;) The same spec MBA as the thread starter stated is 1.968$ here in Denmark. I payed 2.215$ for the 13" ultimate with 12% educational discount. The taxes in this country is ****ed up we have the highest tax rate in the world. :( My father have to pay 60% in taxes everytime he gets paid. :eek:
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    That's soooo expensive.
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    It should work - as the discounts are coming from different sources - no harm trying eh? :D Good Luck!
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    With educational discount, the Ultimate 13" MBA with 4 GB RAM costs $2.422 where I'm from (Norway). Full price is $2.632.
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    try mac connections?
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    If you use the promo code link, it seems to work ok and puts the right price in your cart--certainly cheaper than the other retailers. I may have to give them a try.
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    What state are you from? Because macmall is located in California and they charged alot for tax. I just got mine today, but I have to return it because it has a big line across the screen (looks like the UPS guy might dropped it). I ordered mine through J&R.com. 4GB RAM, 256GB Flash Storage, 2.13Gzh, 13 inch for a total of $1779 and that's include expedited one day shipping.:)
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    To those who are confused with the MacMall thing through that link, the saving should be immediate. The prices listed on that website are the prices WITH the 3% discount.
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    Macmall is okay, but it is almost impossible to return your laptop. Make sure you are getting one that you want.
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    When I place my order on MacMall (either normally or using the discount), it never gives me any tax. I'm in Massachusetts.

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