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Do you think apple should release 15, and 17 inch MBAs?

  1. Yes!!!!

  2. No!!!

  3. 15" only

  4. Only if the weight is less than 4 pounds (15")

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    I know this is talked about on other threads as a sort of subtopic, however, I love the idea, and think it deserves it's own thread. I'm not a huge taker on 17" notebooks, but I love 15", especially with high res displays; Xcode was manageable on my 13" MBA, until I started playing around with the iPad portion... in IB I need to scroll way down just to get a look at the bottom of my UI.

    So, what's your opinion, should apple release new 15, and 17 inch MBAs?
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    This is a controversial subject so I almost hate to confess that I voted No!. A 15 or 17 inch MBA seems to me to be an oxymoron in the making. I believe that lighter ultraportables are always better ultraportables, which means that 13 inches should be about it. There is one caveat to my position, though. Scottsdale raised in another tread the possibility that Apple might be able to put a 14.9 inch screen within the same form factor currently used on the MBA by using a much thinner bezel. Is that possible? Don't ask me, I haven't a clue. If it is possible, though, I would be very interested.

    My rejection of a 17 inch MBA is much more fundamental than it was where the 15 inch was concerned. My first Mac laptop was a then state of the art 17 inch Powerbook G4. In its day it was the only laptop available with a 17 inch screen and was just as thin and light as is the current 17 inch MBA. I like the idea of sacrificing a little portability for a little added weight for 17 inch laptops. That translates to added power, which, to me at least, is a good thing.
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    Others may have a need, but I personally have no interest in a larger physical size of the case, or additional weight.

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    I think 13" is pretty much the right size for a portable. I really like the way my Air disappears into a backpack. Though not entirely comparable, I lugged around a couple of 15" laptops and even if thinner/lighter, a 15" Air would require a larger bag and/or consume more space. I would like to see a higher resolution on the display.
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    I don't think 14.9" is possible in it's current form, I suppose 14" would be possible, but even that is pushing it. Also, apple seems to like putting a decently large bezel around their screens i believe (correct me if I'm wrong) in order to protect them more from small falls and hits.

    There aren't too many replies right now, but it looks like the consensus is that a 15" wouldn't sell well with most people, and that a 17" would have no takers. I don't intend to offend, just express my own opinion that the MBA is the future of computers. Therefore requiring it to someday adopt 15" and 17" screen choices. I base this on the fact that current MBPs are getting thinner and lighter, and the average consumer doesn't need the type of power intel is currently offering. My old 2Ghz A/B iMac with 4Gb SRAM and 128mb ATI integrated GPU holds up fine in mockup C4D rendering (can't do maya or other mainly GPU rendering software). I prefer my MP, but my iMac takes up way less space and energy, just like my MBA does over my polycarbonate MB.

    I hope that they release a 15" MBA with the same specs as the 13" MBA, and just fill it with a bigger battery (as long as it has a nice nVidia or ATI GPU). I think that the majority of us love our current MBAs, and find that the power they have is already fantastic. I know that I don't generally need 7 hours of battery, and I don't really want all that weight, but some others do. The only thing I find my current MBA lacking is a larger screen (also 128gb is rather small).
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    The first one in the photo is a better deal :)

    It sure looks the first on is the higher end refurb Rev. C and the second is the higher end refurb Rev. B.

    Not only do you get a faster CPU as well as slightly faster GPU (if one is to believe their claims), you also get a slightly larger battery and a USB ethernet adapter. Not sure why Apple has chosen to sell them at the same price point.
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    Those with 64 or 80 GB drives are original v 1,1 MBAs. They have Merom CPU, Intel 3100 GMA graphics, PATA drive controller, 667 MHz RAM, and can drive a 23" ACD.

    Those with 120 GB HDD or 128 GB SSD are v 2,1 MBAs. Those that have a 1.86 with 128 GB SSD are referred to here as rev B, but rev B and C are all the same v 2,1 MBAs. The June 2009 only brought a CPU swap upgrade with a tiny bit bigger battery and include a USB to Ethernet cable.


    1.8" GHz 64 GB Original MBA
    1.86 GHz 120 GB rev B/C (Cannot tell but probably C)
    2.13 GHz 128 GB SSD is a rev C
    1.86 GHz 128 GB SSD is a rev b

    Do not buy the first one.

    The third one is the current rev c v 2,1 MBA. The last is the same price because it's the rev B upgraded with larger SSD. Apple changed the pricing in June 2009 so the refurbished rev B with SSD isn't any cheaper than the faster rev C with 2.13 GHz.

    This one is your best bet if you can afford $1599. It's also only $50 CAD more than it costs in the US refurbished.

    If you wait until Tuesday, Apple could drop the price on these SIGNIFICANTLY if it updates the MBAs.
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    Well, this would be a hard sell for sure, but I think the weight is what would make or break a niche device like this. I think if it could be kept ultra thin and super light, the benefits from the larger size (improved specs, bigger screen) would more than compensate. People who liked the concept of the Air, but needed more screen real estate than a 13" or a bit more power might be interested. Guess it just depends on what a person's individual needs are!
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    My bad

    Sorry, should have clarified, I already have a rev C 128gb SSD MBA, my question was how apple came up with the pricing scheme for the third and fourth options, because the rev c is the obvious choice... sorry for the confusion, and waste of your time:(.
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    It's just because the CDN pricing changed with June 2009 to different vs. US dollar. It's a mistake as they're not comparing the two vs. each other, they're just taking a standard price deduction percentage.

    Sorry I misunderstood your question.
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    to me the obvious answer is yes. more options would not be a bad thing at all. as to whether larger MBAs would be successful I also think yes. if the success of the ipad hasn't shown that people prioritize ease of use over specs and power then I don't know what to tell you. as long as you're not doing frequent video editing, which the vast majority of the population aren't, I'd much prefer a 15" MBA to a 15" MB.
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    Even if I wouldn't buy one, I'm quite curious about a 17" MBA. I wonder how apple would manage it: thinner that the current MBA? like 0.5"? how much it would weight? and what about the internal components?
    anyway I'm sure that it would be hot as hell!
    A 15" MBA would be pointless for me.

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