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MBA 2010 ultimate OR 2011 Base-model

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by sugarray3000, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Hey guys i really like that the backlite KB is back. But is it worth to sell my 2010 ultimate MBA and get the new base model MBA???

    What will be better and what will be worse with the new MBA?

    (only use it for school work, notes, surfing, a little music editing etc. - but would like also to play a little)

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    it obviously depends on your usage, i mean if your just using it for web surfing, note taking, listening to music and all the littlethings, then just get the base model with more ram. no point buying the best processor yet only using 30 percent of it's "power".
  3. vty
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    Sandybridge vs C2D is a vast improvement
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    Looks like you'll just be fine.

    Don't you have any other opportunities to spend your money? Girls, for example?
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    obviously, although there are some cons, more heat = more noise from fans, plus the fact you get that **** intel chip compared to nvidia.

    plus will you notice the day to day difference if all your doing is surfing the web,playing music etc?

    either way both are great buys.
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    your current machine is half the speed of the new one. i think you should sell and upgrade
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    Oh yes. For browsing, word processing and consuming media, Sandy Bridge is a vast improvement. Oh yes. Vast. It will be make a huge difference. HUGE!
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    Dont know if its clear but i OWN the ultimate 2010 model but my brother will buy it so i only needs to pay 120$ more for the 2011 BASE model (both 13"). Is that a good trade ?!?
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    CPU is not the bottleneck in these machines unless you're processing raw video. Keep the 2010 and enjoy longer battery life, less heat, and real graphics.
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    just make a list of the pros and cons and you will come to your own conclusion :)

    pro's of keeping the ultimate: less heat and noise, more battery life, a lot more memory, more ram (if you don't upgrade), far better graphics etc

    con's : 1 year old technology, no TB port, less powerful processor, no back-lit keyboard erm anything else?

    I would keep it if i was you.

    let me ask you a question though, has your experience been good with the 2010 model? I mean was there ever a time when you thought "damn this computer isn't fast enough"? if not, don't worry, be happy.
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    To add to the above post, my 2.13 2010 13" with 4GB is subjectively faster when browsing, opening apps and performing most mundane tasks than my 2008 Mac Pro Octo with 16GB of RAM or my 17" 2010 MBP.

    And yeah, I have VMWARE with XP, Safari, iTunes, Mail, Grid Gammon, GNUBG, Preview, iPhoto '11, Weather Dock, and Pages open most of the time on the MBA. Never experience a lag of any sort.

    If you aren't producing media or otherwise banging really hard and constantly on the CPU then the 2010 13" MBAs are incredibly zippy. Zippiest perhaps.
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    Its because i really like the backlite KB. No iv always been happy with my ultimate!
    But my brother is going to buy a new one and he doesnt care about backliteKB he would rather spend as less as possible money for a mac. ..
    But is the grapich so much worse on the new one !?
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    Regarding the graphics, it all depends on what you are doing. The frame rates in games seem to be pretty good in the 2011 even with the integrated Intel graphics. I found that interesting though as I am not a gamer, it doesn't apply to me.
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    So selling my umba2010 to my brother and only using 120$ more to get the new base-model isent a good deal ?

    You link below to the doctor doesnt work ? ;)
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    fair enough if you like the BK so much just get the base which has the better technology. however do you think you will "survive" on 64gb's of memory? and less (?) ram? i'm getting the base with 4 gb of ram.

    64's is enough for mainly because i only have 4 gb of music, 2 gb of photos, the only applications i will use are AUTOCAD, chrome, mail,vlc, ms word and a hand full of others, and most of my other content will be on my 2tb harddrive.

    I'm more of a consumer, although i will use the macbook air to produce complex drawings in autocad so i wouldn't really notice the different between the old gen and the new gen (although i'm getting the new gen because it will be my 1st air and i might as well get the latest )

    how much memory have you used on your current ultimate? you might find it hard to downgrade by a lot, plus if your a "gamer" it could be a pretty "bad" situation.
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    I would never consider upgrading from a 2010 ultimate to a 2011 base.

    You clearly dont need a faster processor. Why would you sacrifice half the disk you have(256 to 128)?

    If i were a new buyer of course i would pick the new one....faster and cheaper. But our 2010 model is still a great machine and you, as i, dont use the full capacities of this processor. So why would you need to spend more money if you already feel satisfied? To open safari 1sec faster? :p

    P.S. I'm your voice of conscious :D
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    Might I suggest that the OP wait a few weeks (perhaps a month or two) until the current 2011 model starts to appear as a refurb; that way, you'll get the newest model, quite possibly with any teething glitches ironed out, and at a bit of a discount.

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    Okay thanks guys

    Well its the 13" im talking about so ill go from 256 gb to 128 right now my ultimate is full but its because of movies which i could just store another place.

    But if i do bootcamp will the new- base model also do that just as good or better than my ultimate ?!?

    The fact is either am i buying a mba base or my brother will - he just doesnt care about backlite as i do. Is it a good trade if he buy mine so i only shall pay 120$ for the base model ?!?

    Hehe i hear your voice! ;)

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